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Understanding Love Addiction, why is it a problem, and its treatment

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Is love bad? Since times innumerable love has been considered as a positive feeling. So, is it possible that love could be bad? While it is true that there is nothing as true as love, it is important to point out that love addiction is a problem that needs attention.

Sometimes people tend to confuse love addiction with sex addiction, but it should be noted that love addiction and sex addiction are quite different. Love addiction is one of those feelings that forces the person to compulsively react in certain situations where feelings of love could be trigged.

Understanding Love Addiction

Before you begin looking for Love Addiction Treatment Beverly Hills, you need to understand what love addiction actually means. Often times you would find that people with love addiction are in love with the idea or the feeling of love than actually being in love with the person.

While it is considered that love is magic, the truth is quite different. Love is a feeling that arises from chemical and hormonal changes in your body. Neurotransmitters react in your brain and change the way you feel.

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The feeling of love by those who are addicted to love is different than the faith of true love. People who are in love get past the initial stage of attraction and lust; their love matures as they grow, gradually the two individuals attach themselves to each other. However, people who are addicted to love never really get past the initial stage. Since they never get out of the initial stage, it gives them a sense of purpose to continue doing what they are doing.

Individuals who are addicted to love are attracted towards a specific type of person, and they only fall in love with them. In psychological terms, love addicts are attracted toward love-avoidant partners. Love-avoidant people are those who fear being abandoned or being left alone. These type of co-dependent individuals and those with no emotional boundaries make things easier for individuals who are addicted to love.

What causes Love Addiction?

As per evidence, love addiction resembles many attribute of drug addiction. It has been found that people who are addicted to love are only looking for more of the same feeling. These people are usually looking for pleasure, which eventually turns into an addiction.

The possible Side effects and Treatment

Side effects of love addiction are quite extreme and lead to an emotional disconnection in the personal life of the affected person. Looking for new partners, finding it hard to spend time alone, unhappiness in romantic relationships and much more are the common signs of love addiction.

The treatment for love addiction could be found with a Licensed Psychologist specializing in the treatment of addiction. Just like any other kind of addiction, the patient needs to have a strong will to overcome love addiction.

How can Blair Wellness Group help you?

Blair Wellness Group helps you with the love addiction treatment with a team of talented psychologists, under the guidance of one of the most renowned clinical psychologists in the Beverly Hills. You can have access to a wide range of treatment modalities to seek help with mood disorder and variety of addiction. Call on (310) 999-4996 or fill out the contact us form of Blair Wellness Group for making an appointment.

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