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Just think of a lump of iron that you are carrying and when you happen to drop that on your feet how it feels. At the same time imagine the same thing but replace iron with thrice more density than that of iron. How will it feel? Have you ever thought of this? Will you be able to walk again? So the thing that we were talking about was tungsten. 

This is thrice dense then that of iron, and the density is incredible. This is the reason why it is quite hard, and this also has the highest melting point amongst all the elements, and that is 3422 C. Here is a guide for the readers with which they can know how the tungsten is the fittest metal for the manufacture of the bullet.

A glimpse from history

For understanding the process with which this was used processes, we must know as well as understand the fact that the world is all shaped with competitive forces. Thus, a better start is preferred so that the evolution of life. For the first billion years, life was quite a rigid one. They were not able to easily accept and adapt to things. After 500 million years, with the reports of the fossils, it was known by the human beings that there is an incredible explosion of life.

The Cambrian explosion

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This was the period of around 545 million years ago when there was an explosion of the abundant and a completely diverse form of life. Characterized by the appearance, there are many major animals which form the major part of the life of the animals. The emergence of the large body parts was seen in the fossils record in the period. Most of the organisms were simple. 

The whole process of the alteration is known as the co-evolution, and the world of the manufacture of the materials is a bit of co-evolution. There is a mixture of materials. New materials are developed which are quite useful. But what nothing can be tougher than that of the Tungsten in the periodic table. This is one of the toughest substances which exists in nature.

How can the hardest metal be shaped?

The only that is used for this purpose is a diamond. The diamond tools are the best that can help in the process of manufacture of the bullets. While the construction of each of the budget, they are stored in a mere soundproof box and there is a cooling system as well with the use of the refrigerated oil. This takes 10 minutes for the manufacture of a bullet, but this is quite expensive.

The tungsten mining is solely intended for these purposes. Camouflage tungsten bands are best known for the manufacture of the tungsten that can be further used for different purposes. The tungsten has an industrial growth because of the uses it renders in the wide spectrum all over the world. Thus, the Tungsten is one of the super durable and super accurate methods of the production of the Tungsten so that the Titanium wedding bands for men can use it.

So these were the few things that one must necessarily know about tungsten and how it is the best element that can be chosen for the manufacture of the bullet. There were more than a century passes where people had no use for the metals like Tungsten with such a dynamic property in any work or stuff. But these days Tungsten are used to write, traverse the glaciers, emission of the X-rays and for the destruction of the buildings without really making use of the explosives. a

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