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How subtitle translation is different from Voice over translation 1

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Voice over translation and subtitles both are forms of audio-visual translation but are distinguished in many forms. Both have a different impact on the viewers.

As compared to any other way of communication and entertainment, videos leave a huge impact on the viewers. Creating videos and uploading them on youtube and other social sites have become a common phenomenon. To leverage the assets and to make the video famous, creators want the same to reach the masses globally. To cater to the global audience, it is really important to provide the content in the language they understand.

The only option to provide the same content in the language of different viewers is to use Polilingua translation services. Further, there are two ways to provide video translation one is a voice over translation and subtitles. Both the approaches have pros and cons; however the other factors that will help to decide which one to use are goals, budget and timeline.

Online video translation is one of the important strategies for global marketing. In this era, almost 70% of consumers get influence by watching videos as compared to other forms of marketing. Video translation has become an inevitable part of marketing without which it is almost impossible to survive in this competitive global economy. Looking at this trend various translation agencies are now moving forward towards providing video translation services Voice over translation.

Voice over translation

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Translation agencies define voice over translation as the phenomenon of replacing original audio content with the new content in the new language as per the target audience.

Voice over translation requires matching content and there is no need to go into details of matching lip movements, however, it does not mean that you can ignore the same completely as a major mismatch between the original content and the audio content can be the reason of fall out as the audience may get distracted. It needs to be done very effectively, and if done in the right way it can prove to be really appealing and professional to the audience all around the globe.

While providing Polilingua translation services one needs to be attentive of the fact that original content may be little variant from the targeted content as it may contract or expand.

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Subtitles do not involve replacing original voice rather it is the written content being provided below the screen for viewers to understand the video. Subtitling is the most cost-effective way of providing video translation. The original audio content has no impact while using subtitles and thus there is no worry of matching lip movements with the targeted content. The best part about using subtitles is that viewers have the option to turn off or on the subtitles. However, the problem with subtitles is that you can not anticipate that how your audience will take it, some may feel distracted by reading while watching, whereas some may not be able to understand the exact content.

Both the forms of video translation has its own advantages and disadvantages, it is up to you which one to use for the benefit of your content to reach the masses.

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