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Top Tips To Find The Right Emergency Plumber

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As uncertainty is a part of life, most houses will encounter situations where they need an emergency plumber. It could be an overflowing toilet, a clogged drain, flooding, broken pipes, and more. House owners usually find it hard to contact a plumber last miniute in an emergency as they are unprepared for the situation. Of course, it is not possible to predict when an emergency might occur. But one can follow some best practices so that they are not helpless when they need an emergency plumber.

Preparing for an emergency plumbing problem

  • Discuss the price beforehand

Irrespective of how urgent the problem is, house owners should make it a point to discuss the price plans before starting the repairs. Here, one can expect emergency plumbers to charge higher rates than the average. It is because they are available round the clock, even on holidays. Some plumbers charge by the hour. Some others have fixed rates for each repair. Others follow their methods.

House owners tend to forget about the pricing as the problem needs urgent attention. In the end, they are left with an unexpectedly massive expense.

  • Maintain a list of trusted services

Searching for contact numbers during an emergency is not practical. So, it is advisable to maintain a list of reputable plumbing services in the region. Make sure that each emergency plumber on the list is available 24/7. One can even organize the list by location, price, and any other parameter of interest. When an emergency occurs, all you have to do is consult the list and dial the plumbing service.

It is recommended to maintain a hard copy and a soft copy of the list. Every few months, the house owner should check if the service is still functioning and update the details in the list accordingly.

  • Visit the official website.
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Most services have realized the need to have a digital presence. Thus, emergency plumbers have websites that give detailed information about the services they offer. Some services even allow customers to book appointments online.

Reputed services maintain blogs on their websites, where visitors can get little tips and tricks related to plumbing problems. As the website contains the reviews given by past clients, it helps a house owner in choosing the best emergency plumber.

  • Reviews outside the website

If you doubt that a website is not honest about the reviews on their website, you may check out the reviews for the same service on popular third-party websites. High ratings on these sites guarantee that the emergency plumber offers a quality of service.

To have the contacts at the fingertips, one may even download a mobile application that lists emergency plumbing services.

When to call an emergency plumbing service?

Here are some situations where the intervention of an emergency plumber is necessary.

  • Broken pipe

A busted pipe is the most common reason to call a plumbing service. It is an emergency because, if left unattended, the leaking water can flood the place, or the moisture can damage the property. Also, it is advisable not to try DIY fixes during serious problems like this.

  • Overflowing toilet

A blockage in the drain or any other plumbing problems can cause the water to back up and overflow from the toilet. Again, one must contact a plumbing service as soon as possible.


Even during an emergency, it is necessary to check if the service personnel have the necessary certifications and licensing. One must not go for a cheaper fix as it may be temporary. Request an estimate and choose a service that offers a permanent fix to the problem.

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