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Food is a basic necessity. Sounds clichéd? I am sure it does! However, you must have also heard people saying “We live to eat and not eat to live”. Such are the people who should opt for careers relating to food and food industry. The food industry is vast and offers varied opportunities. Let’s consider a few today:

Nutritionist: Junk food today has screwed everyone’s health big time. Nutritionists or even Dieticians have become an inseparable part of our lives. Without them, our health goes for a toss. They pinpoint what is healthy and what is not and ensure we follow a routine, a strict diet. A health goal is what they set for us and advice us appropriately at every juncture. They are the ones who know everything about food; what more blissful can there be to help people in need either in controlling weight issues or addressing ill health.

Food Photographer/Stylist: Food Photographers and Food Stylists work in conjunction with each other. The mouth-watering pictures of delicacies that we see on hotel menu cards or on product cartons or in magazines or just about anywhere are the creations of these two professionals. Only food lovers can have an eye-for-detail to present and capture such pictures with precision. The food stylist is in charge of ensuring that the food looks lip-smacking when photographed. The food needs to be arranged in such a way that it looks presentable by using various procedures like polishing, misting or torching.

Chef/Baker: From slating the menu to creating masterpieces, these professionals rule the restaurant industry. If you have the right culinary skills anything you touch tastes marvellous; that’s the power of a chef. A baker, on the other hand, tackles the sweet and savoury pangs of food lovers. They pick ingredients, they formulate a recipe and they take charge of the kitchen; finally delivering a masterpiece that the customer cannot say no to.

Food Scientist: Food manufacturers hire Food scientists to innovate new food recipes. Food Scientists are expected to improve food tastes and discover ways to increase the shelf life of food items. They also experiment with ingredients to bring out products that are low in cost and yet tastier. A true foodie can truly excel in this role.

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Caterer: Food is central to any event. Consider a function or an event full of energy and with the best of the arrangements but bad food; what will be remembered? Bad food, right? It is hence the duty of the caterers to present the best of the cuisines to the participants or guests of the event to make it a success. The dishes at the meal, the ingredients, the style of cooking, hygiene, taking orders, supervising apt delivery are all the responsibilities of a caterer.

Teacher: If you love cooking and understand the nitty-gritty’s involved really well then you must start coaching others. Yes, start your own cooking classes and let others take advantage of your skills and knowledge. Train people into the different cuisines you know and let them develop into good chefs. Who knows one of your disciples might appear in one of the Master Chefs Series!

Wow, that looks like a good list but if you think we have missed out on any professions here feel free to add them in the comments section below; we will be happy to look at the additions and suggestions.

Someone has rightly said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” If you too are a crazy food lover and wish to pursue this as your profession contact Leverage Edu for more details. After all, backing your passion with the right education is always advisable. t

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