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Top 7 Types of Kitchen Cabinets: Forevermark Cabinets

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Types of Kitchen Cabinets When you are looking for a perfect set of wooden kitchen cabinets for your household, what do you consider the most? It is not that difficult to answer. You look for the best quality wood, its reliability, durability, hardware, prices, and last but not least its style. There are some very cool and applicable options for you in Forevermark cabinets to choose from for your home décor.

You don’t build a kitchen, you design it. For every homemaker out there, their kitchen stands out. There are various unique and stylish options for you to have a beautiful yet convenient set of kitchen cabinetry. The quality of wood along with the arrangement of cabinets matters the most in a well-arranged kitchen.

Types of kitchen cabinets:

Under forevermark cabinets, following are the types of wooden kitchen cabinets that can be explored online and are also trending these days: 

  1. Shaker style cabinets
  2. Slab style cabinets
  3. Window style cabinets
  4. Inset cabinets
  5. Antique style cabinets
  6. Country-style cabinets
  7. Customized cabinets

1.      Shaker style cabinets:

The most commonly preferred kitchen cabinets are shaker style cabinets. Most homemakers prefer this style in cabinets for its classic and trendy look. Shaker-style cabinets consist of both vertical and horizontal pieces. It mainly contains a frame of four pieces with a short single one. 

It has a set of two door-type panels, two drawer-type framed pieces with high-quality rail handles. High-quality wood is used for such kitchen cabinets to last a lifetime. Due to its utilitarian design and arrangement, it is the simplest yet classic contemporary style in kitchen cabinets.

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2.      Slab style cabinets:

If you are looking for a modern kitchen outlook, you should opt for slab-style kitchen cabinets. Such type of kitchen cabinetry is plain panels constructed with lined wooden textures. Its hardwood texture is supported with very simple and less expensive metallic or brass matte handles.

Slab-style kitchen cabinets are crafted without frames with an open-close door mechanism. They are simply solid, plain panels in different shade combinations and also easily applicable which gives a contemporary outlook to your kitchen.

3.      Window style cabinets:

As the name suggests, window-style cabinets are simply manufactured like windows with a typical furniture design. They are designed into horizontal window-like doors which serve a very unique purpose of ventilation. 

These types of kitchen cabinets are found in different plain colors in Forevermark cabinetry. They give a unique texture to the overall look of the kitchen. You can wisely use such cabinets to take great care of those ingredients that need ventilation.

4.      Inset cabinets:

The most expensive set of wooden kitchen cabinetry manufactured in the market is inset cabinets. These cabinets are carefully measured and designed because they consist of drawers fitted inside the frame of the cabinet. 

Despite being expensive, inset cabinets are the longer-lasting set of cabinets as they are constructed with great craftsmanship. It comes with knob-style handles which give a classic look to your household. 

5.      Antique style cabinets:

If you are one of those who have a traditional antique taste in home décor, then you should go for the antique door type drawers or cabinets. They are usually a set of vertical drawers with fine corners made with expensive material.

Their antique type shiny varnishing is the reason they look perfectly traditional. These types of cabinets are mostly preferred as base cabinets with ceramic tiled countertops. It has a cool but old feel in it.

6.      Country-style cabinets:

They are flat kitchen cupboards fitted in different dimensions with stylish ridges on them. Also known as bead-styled cabinets, country-type cabinets are made unique by using two beads in a drawer for open-close function.

They mostly come in light-shaded textures with hardwood. These types of kitchen cabinets give a perfect farmhouse look to your kitchen. It’s a combination of short and long cabinets which serve your utility purpose most stylishly.

7.      Customized cabinets:

If you are one of those who are difficult to convince then here is the good part. The manufacturers are available to guide you to design your customized kitchen cabinets. You want a specific personalized kitchen, go for it.

Your idea of a comfortable and beautiful kitchen can be crafted by the professionals here. You can add your style and imagination to your kitchen cabinets without any issue.


While searching for good-quality wooden cabinets for your kitchen, you must be careful and creative with your choices. From traditional to classic and to contemporary, there are various options for you to explore. You will have the best hardwood quality, durability, and uniqueness at affordable prices.   

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