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Top 6 Challenges Faced by the Sales Department to Use a CRM Software

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CRM software is an essential tool for all organizations to simplify, automate, and centralize multiple aspects of the business. It helps to manage your customer relationship efficiently and enhance their workflow. The implementation of this software will cost time, money, and energy; for your organization which is why you need to make the most of it.  

Now imagine if your team is not able to use the software to its potential; then all your efforts and investment will go in vain. Before you plan to implement the best CRM software, we would recommend; you look at the challenges you might face post-implementation. It will help to avoid them and take necessary action to efficiently; overcome them.  

What are the top 6 challenges that a sales team faces while using CRM software?  

Inefficient training:    

As discussed earlier, the implementation of CRM software is a time-consuming and expensive process. No matter how user-friendly CRM you choose and implement training, your employee is crucial. Because if the team does not know how to use the system will increase frustration and will be a challenge to use it. Inefficient or inadequate training will hamper the productivity of your teams is also on challenges they will face.

As a result, you need to train your teams on how to use the system before implementation. During training the workforce, they might have some insightful doubts which you might not have considered before. Additionally, training your workforce; on the software before implementation will help them know every ounce of the system. Furthermore, they can clear their doubts on shortcuts and the easiest way to use the CRM solution during the training.  

Resentment in acceptance:

The biggest challenge in any technology implementation and usage is the resentment in accepting the change. Because there is a huge possibility that your team might think that the management is implementing this change to track and monitor people. As a result, they might think of it as a surveillance device because the company does not trust their integrity.

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The management should involve the workforce before implementing a change and consider their thoughts. There is a thick possibility that they might have a negative review because to change a process is challenging as they have adapted to the old one. The management can overcome this challenge by taking the team into confidence by telling the pros of CRM software implementation. Furthermore, they can keep transparency in the communication in regards to plans and how this change will help; to achieve them.  

Challenging navigation:

Another big challenge in acceptance of the technology will be for the employees who are not very tech-savvy. They might feel a challenge in navigating through the software; to find the necessary information during the initial phase; of implementation. Moreover, before implementation, you need to check the adaptability of the software to your business requirements.

Because if the CRM system has a hard-to-use interface that requires a lot of time to use and navigate. It will increase the time and frustration of the employee to complete one task. As a reason, you should customize the software according to business needs to make it easy for employees to use the system.  

The time-consuming process to update data:    

CRM software solution is an all-inclusive system that stores all the customer information but, the entire data is not essential for all the teams. For example, the marketing team should be able to see and the customer demographic and other fields that are related; to their department. Similarly, it is the same scenario for the sales and the customer service teams as well.

Now imagine if the employee has to manually fill all the columns; which are not even related to their department; will consume their productive time and decrease productivity. If you want to efficiently overcome these challenges you need to automate most of the data entry to save time and errors. Additionally, the teams should only view and can update the data which is related to their field.  

Cannot segregate between bad and good quality data:    

One of the core functionalities of the best CRM software is data segregation based on their business needs. This system gathers data from all the departments, which might contain some poor-quality data as well.

Poor quality leads are of no use to organizations because investing in them is waste of time, money, and energy. If the system does not allow you to filter the data and segregate them into poor or good quality leads. It will be a challenge for your sales team to use the CRM software solution.  

Evolving management expectations:    

The management demands and expectations evolve with time or market trends. Additionally, if the management keeps constantly making changes in the vision, goals, and tasks; it will be difficult for the sales team to adopt them.

Additionally, if the goals and strategies change continuously the CRM software will have a lot of junk data which will be a challenge to manage. The most effective way to overcome this is to give sufficient time to analyze the impact of the strategies.  


CRM software solution is a perfect tool for all organizations but, they need to know how to use it efficiently. We have mentioned few challenges that your team might face. We recommend you consider them and make a strategy to avoid them. 

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