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Top 5 Poses of Yoga To Get Taller

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Having a good height not only makes you more attractive but also is attached to a higher IQ level. Journal Plos Genetics’ study reveals that taller people have a more positive outlook towards life. Yoga has been diligently practiced for decades to increase muscle growth, flexibility, mobility, and hormonal balance.

If you want to grow taller, practice yoga daily. Don’t know where to begin? Relax! Practice the following mentioned poses of yoga to increase height. Keep reading.

Best 5 Yoga Poses to Grow Taller

Tree Pose

Stand straight and raise your right foot. Make sure that your right foot touches your groin. Extend your hands over your head and stretch out. Be in this stance for a few breaths and then repeat the pose on the other leg.

It helps in the activation of the Pituitary gland that is responsible for growth. Moreover, the tree pose increases your single-leg strength. Also, it stretches your shoulders and arms.

Shoulder Stand

One of the best poses of yoga to grow taller, the shoulder stand improves the flexibility of your limbs. To begin with, lie on your back and raise your legs. Bring your legs over your head and support your back with your hands. You can place your elbows on the ground and try to keep your legs straight.

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Hence, it improves the strength of your shoulders along with increasing spine mobility. Further, it pushes fresh blood to your Pineal and Pituitary gland that enhances your growth.

Camel Pose

Place your knees on the ground and keep your shin in contact with the ground. Take your hands back and get hold of your ankles. Keep your shoulders retracted by squeezing your scapula. It opens up your shoulders and chest muscles.

Thus, it helps in increasing your height by improving your posture. It further increases the flow of blood in your shoulder to increase their stability and strength. Moreover, the camel pose massages your knees. Make sure you keep your knees over a soft surface like a yoga pillow or blanket.

Sitting Forward Bend

It is one of the best poses of yoga to increase height. The Sitting Forward Bend increases the flexibility of your hamstrings and hips. Moreover, it improves the mobility of your lower back that plays a vital role in increasing your height.

Wheel Pose

Too much forward bending can cause rounding of shoulders or spine. Thus, your growth is halted since your muscles are not getting enough space to grow. That is where the Wheel pose helps you. To begin with, lie on your back and bend your legs.

Bring your hands over your shoulders and place your palms on the ground. With a gentle push, raise your body with the help of your feet and hands. When you do so, it stretches your spine, shoulders, chest, and quad muscles.

Mountain Pose

One of the easiest poses of yoga to get taller, the mountain pose improves your overall growth. All you have to do is to stand on a yoga mat and engage every muscle of your body.

You can tighten your legs, core, and upper body. Keep your head neutral and spine straight. Thus, it ensures a free flow of energy and increases your height over time.

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Along with different yoga poses, you can also incorporate a wholesome diet in your life. Thus, you get all the necessary nutrients to nourish your body. Hence, you grow taller naturally with yoga practice. Just be consistent with your practice and nourish your body well. Over time, you will attain your desired height.

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