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Top 10 Must-have Nursing Apps for Hospitals

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With some of these days’ continuous technological advancements like salesforce services, allowing nursing applications is a must! The nurses of nowadays have always been on the run. They require immediate access to timely, reliable, and up-to-date data. Despite this, having a medical journal or device to check or scan for anything may not always be feasible for them.

Fortunately, today’s applications were already created to assist them in handling hectic workloads for nurses, medical personnel, and hospitals. These applications can be used on most mobile devices (e.g., smartphones and tablets) to help nurses navigate the various aspects of academic, professional, and private life.

In this blog, we will highlight a few of the top nursing apps for hospitals available on IOS, Android, or both platforms and illustrate how these applications could be helpful when integrated with salesforce health cloud.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

However, with the applications below, nurses of all levels of experience can increase their productivity and enhance their efficiency. In simple terms, these applications can transform your mobile into a mobile awareness and information hub for healthcare with the aid of custom salesforce services.

Here are Top Ten Nursing Apps

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1.    Nursing Dictionary – You can install the Nursing Dictionary software and conveniently access over 56,000 medical words, 9,000 photos, and 4,000 drug details at your convenience on your iOS or Android smartphone. This application lets you search through diverse professions for entries on medical research subjects, disorders, procedures, nursing specializations, physiology, and plenty more by choosing from trustworthy sources including Gale, Houghton Mifflin, Elsevier, and McGraw-Hill. The application is available for both IOS and Android platforms.

2.    Pocket Anatomy – Pocket Anatomy is just that, accessible on the iPhone and iPad: a way to display multiple organ systems right from the screen in your hand. Dozens of anatomical structures, including ligaments, nerves, tendons, lungs, arteries, and more, can be viewed. The device helps you scan for layers that include the skin, bone, muscle, and digestive layers. The app has 1 million users who appreciate it for its simple search and navigation functionality, and it’s also perfect for anatomy and physiology exam assistance. The application is available for android and IOS platforms and can be easily integrated with salesforce health cloud.

3.    Epocrates – Epocrates is considered by many nurses as among the best healthcare apps on the marketplace currently. The free version of the app provides nurses with exposure to an ever-expanding array of medication data (such as prescription dosages, safety data, and potentially dangerous drug interactions), recommendations for clinical practice, national and international healthcare insurance forms, and details on pill recognition. In contrast, Epocrates provides nurses with a range of clinical charts that they can use to quickly refer to any instructions or medication details they need to remember and a selection of medicating calculators and clinical calculations to help measure on-the-spot. The application is available for both IOS and Android platforms.

4.    Nurse Grid – NurseGrid, a portal for interacting with nurses in your squad, is among the best nursing apps. This software will help you replace or exchange shifts with both the responsibility to address and arrange meetings with coworkers. When you operate in a more significant healthcare environment, it is also an easy way to remain linked to your staff among management meetings. The application is available for both IOS and Android platforms.

5.    Medscape – Some of the same features are supported by the Medscape application as that of the Epocrates application. Most importantly, it has a drug review guide that helps you to review medicines and their prescription information (and also their potential connection with several other drugs), a review tool for sickness and disability, a variety of medical calculators, health insurance forms, and a guide for visually recognizing medications with pill recognition. In particular, Medscape offers a wealth of editorial material, like step-by-step papers on several processes, news, and developments in the industry, and links to user-generated content from inside the community of Medscape users. The application is available for both IOS and Android platforms.

6.    MediBabble – Nurses need to understand integration easily with patients regardless of their first language as the world becomes ever more extensive and much more linked. In historiography style, MediBabble is a free iPhone and android phone. It offers precision, efficacy, and protection while enhancing the standard of care given to patients who do not speak Good English.

7.    Eponyms – The medical world is proliferated with eponyms that can make it hard to recall them all. Thankfully, you’ll have access to brief explanations of around 1800 of them along with the Eponyms application. Eponyms utilize a shake-to-learn functionality, accessible for both Android and iOS devices. It also lets you search from either the familiar to the mysterious for just about any eponym.

8.    Prana Breathe – Since nurses take good care of everyone else continuously, they may neglect to take good care of themselves. Are using an app that makes the most out of your brief and irregular break times. Do you need to assemble your thoughts? Relieve tension efficiently and smoothly? This free software will assist with the easy control of breathing techniques. The application is available for both IOS and Android platforms. This application would be helpful in:

1.    Improving brain activity: memory, focus, concentration.

2.    Reduce stress-associated physical symptoms such as nausea and muscle tension.

3.    The standard of sleep increases.

4.    Improve stress endurance and physical strength.

9.    Zip Schedules – The Zip Schedules app provides staff and administrators with a simple way to connect and communicate directly. For nursing shifts, this is particularly useful! This application places in your pocket the job schedule. The application is available for both IOS and Android platforms. Here are several aspects that it operates:

a.    Status update.

b.    Receive a message when posting a new schedule or edit an existing plan or Time-Off order.

c.    Exchange shifts.

10.    Nurse Aid – It’s one of the quality nursing applications as it helps to navigate their work shift as an intuitive interface for nurses. Nurse aid enables you to sort and prioritize assignments while setting personal notes for when charges are due. This application will allow you to make your day a priority and remain on top of your nursing practice. The application is freely available for android devices and can do wonders when custom salesforce services. Besides this, this application helps in:

a.    It helps to remind you of patient-associated repetitive tasks.

b.    It is user-friendly and provides lots of useful functions for customization.

c.    A simple UX monitor allows you to check all objectives assigned on the app quickly.

d.    It is straightforward to set up a reminder, and the speaking alert feature allows hands-free notifications.


One of the hardest (and perhaps most gratifying) jobs out there is nursing! Enrich your experience with the right nursing apps integrated with custom salesforce services or salesforce health cloud. These are the ten best nursing applications that encompass everything, including scheduling breaks to organizing time.

Thanks for reading.

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