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Tips to Achieve 9 bands in IELTS Reading

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A plethora of test-takers express their notion that achieving a 9 band score in the IELTS reading is a herculean task for non-native English speakers. Those who don’t have English as their first language dread this section. They either go beyond time or get confused while finding answers. Apart from it, they also find it hard to understand the tricky vocabulary used in paragraphs. Well, don’t worry! If you are from a non-English background and are going to appear for the IELTS exam, this article will surely help you out. We have rounded up some of the amazing tips that can help you achieve 9 bands in the IELTS reading if followed properly. 

The reading section of the IELTS exam is the one in which students can easily score 9 bands. However, because of some silly mistakes, they end up losing their scores. So, you need to consider some important things and follow some tips to score 9 bands in the IELTS reading. Well, it is better to associate with the best IELTS institute in Jalandhar to acquire proper information regarding the IELTS reading section and the best way to prepare for it. Furthermore, you can follow some tactics to improve your chances of achieving a higher band score in the IELTS reading. 

Go through the below-mentioned points and follow them to attain 9 bands in IELTS reading: 

  • Skim and find the answer 

By skimming, we mean to get an overview of the passage in order to extract the main ideas. So, there is no hard and fast rule to reading the full paragraph. So, practice skimming and try to look over answers rather than reading each and everything in detail. Note that your purpose is to write answers and nothing more. The skimming technique will save an ample amount of time and help you answer all the questions within a limited time period. 

Do you know how to skim over and watch the answers? If not, then you can get proper training from experts by approaching the best IELTS institute. 

  • Keep a close check on time 

Always remember that you have only 60 minutes to read 3 long passages and answer 40 questions. No additional time will be allocated to transfer your answers to the sheet. So, build a strategy and use your time optimally. Don’t just stick to one question if it is hard to look for. Skip that question and move further as every second is precious in the examination hall. 

  • Check spelling errors
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Are you misspelling the words or spelling them correctly? It is crucial to check the spelling before you submit your sheet. So, reserve some time in the end to observe the spelling of every word. If you find anything wrong, make sure to correct it. Note that you will not get any point for the answer if you have spelled it wrong, even though your answer is correct. Suppose, if you are writing ‘Juli’ instead of ‘Julie’, you will not get a point for this answer. 

Tips to Achieve 9 bands in IELTS Reading 1
  • Underline keywords 

While reading and skimming passages, make sure to underline some important words and phrases. The keywords may include any place, birth date, year, number, name etc. When you underline some keywords, it will help you find the exact answer that question demands. Moreover, it will save some time and you can utilize that time to search for other answers. 

  • Work on your vocabulary

The majority of test-takers think that vocabulary is only required in the speaking and writing sections of the IELTS exam. That’s why they avoid vocabulary in the IELTS reading. Remember that vocabulary can help you understand hard and complicated words in the passage. With poor vocabulary, you might be stuck on just one sentence and end up wasting your time. So, improve your vocabulary to comprehend the test effortlessly in order to locate the exact answer. 

Do you actually want to boost your vocabulary and English language abilities? If so, you can seek help from the best IELTS institute. 

  • Cross the wrong options 

To get an exact answer, start with crossing the wrong options. Read the questions properly, go to the passage and apprehend it properly. Then, cross out the wrong options one by one. In the end, you will be left out with just one option which is the correct answer. This will save you from confusion and boost your chances of achieving a high band score in the IELTS reading. 

  • Practice sample papers 

You can’t boost your reading speed and reading skills until you practice regularly. So, take a sample test every day, set a timer and solve it under timed conditions. Make sure to follow your own style that suits you best. Some read the questions first and then dig into passages. Whereas, others read passages first and then plunge into questions. Analyze what fits you best and follow that technique throughout your preparation period as well as while attempting the exam. If you start copying others, you may feel stranded and may not be able to find answers quickly. When you solve practice tests daily with your own style, it will improve your skills and boost your performance. 

Do you want to acquire proper training from experts to build your skills in other sections as well? If yes, then you can start your preparation with the help of the best IELTS institute in Ludhiana. 

Wrapping up: 

To wrap up, it is crucial to do reading practice along with following the above-mentioned reading tips to acquire success in IELTS reading. If you put in sincere efforts into practicing, only then you will be able to achieve a 9 band score in the IELTS reading. 

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