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Tips and Tricks for Tire Change

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For all car owners, knowing how to change a tire is a critical trait. To save you in a streetside emergency, if you depend on a cell phone, there’s always that chance you’ll forget to bring it, be out of scope, or leave it at home. Flat tires can happen anyplace, and no replacement for knowing how to change a flat tire is a mobile phone.

Fortunately, changing a tire isn’t all that difficult! Just keep the following tips in mind to be ready in the event when you have a flat tire.

Find a secure location

Do not suddenly stop or switch as soon as you know you have a flat tire. Start reducing speed and inspect your surroundings with an elitism for a level, straight busy road. The appropriate location would be a vacant parking lot. The level floor is good because it will help avoid the rolling of your car. 

Never try to change your tire near moving traffic on a wide shoulder. Keep on going steadily before you identify a suitable location.

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Turn on your lights and apply the parking brake

Your “blinkers” or hazard lights can help other vehicles see you on the roadside. Switch them on as soon as you know you need to pull over, to prevent an accident. When stopped, the brake pedal is often used when planning to fix a flat tire. This will minimize the car’s likelihood of moving. You can also look for a Tire Change Service near you to help you.

Apply wheel wedges

To even further ensure that the car does not roll when you repair the flat tire, rim wedges go in front of or behind the tires. Place these in front of the main tires if you’re adjusting the rear tire. Place the rim wedges behind the rear tires, if your flat tire is in the field. 

The “real” wheel wedges will function just as well as rocks or large stones. Only make sure they are wide enough to keep the car from moving.

Check the pressure in the spare tire

To ensure the safety to work on, you can check the tire pressure of the spare wheel. Drive (little by little) to a fuel station immediately if the tire needs strength.

Take your flat tire to a technician

To drive great distances or at full speed, seasonal spare tires are not made, so drive carefully before you can visit a tire mechanic. It should be possible for a specialist to decide if your wheel needs a patch or if it is better to upgrade it.


The operation does not take longer than 15 to 30 minutes to change a tire, apart from bringing your tire to a specialist. Just make sure you don’t miss any measures. 

Changing a tire in your driveway or garage is a useful process to ensure that you can deal with these issues if it ever happens to you. It’s also nice to know how to repair a flat tire, but daily tire servicing is even more essential.

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