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Tips and How to Create an Optimal YouTube Logo

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YouTube Logo Your own logo plays a vital role in the visual design of your own YouTube channel. That’s why I’m going to go into the following, why your own YouTube logo is so important.

I also give tips on designing the logo and a helpful tool for you to create an optimal YouTube logo.

Last but not least, in today’s part of my extensive YouTube tutorial, you will learn how to integrate your logo into your channel.

Why is the YouTube logo so important?

YouTube channels are always the same structure, and you have relatively little opportunity to customize something.

The YouTube channel logo plays an important role here because it is displayed in all possible places on YouTube and plays a significant role in whether a recognition effect occurs. Especially on the smartphone, there is little information about videos, and there is a clearly recognizable logo so that people recognize that it is your channel.

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But the effect of the logo on new viewers who are seeing your YouTube channel for the first time should not be underestimated.

Tips and How to Create an Optimal YouTube Logo 1

Below you will find the most important tips and hints for creating your own logo for your channel.

Which dimensions and which format?

A YouTube channel logo should be 800×800 pixels in size and therefore square. YouTube itself specifies a minimum of 98 x 98 pixels, but it should be 800.

This is very large, but YouTube can automatically scale it for all possible output forms, and it always looks good.

The possible file formats are jpg, png, BMP, and gif. I prefer png. The file size shouldn’t exceed 4 MB.

What should your YouTube logo contain?

The logo is the most crucial branding part of your YouTube channel, which is why you should take your time with the logo design.

If you already have a logo (e.g., from a website) or your own corporate design, you should design the YouTube logo based on it. This applies to colors, fonts, and the like.

If you start with the YouTube logo, this can contain a short name and a background image. The latter, however, should be simple and stylized. After all, your own logo is often displayed small, round, and with a white background.

In any case, you should test your YouTube logo yourself. It should be easy to read even if it is displayed very small. In addition, there should be no text in the corners of the logo. Otherwise, it will be cut off.

In general, you should keep your logo simple, use significant content (like a face), and use few letters.

A mistake would be a white logo, which usually does not look good due to the white YouTube background. Here you could invert the logo if necessary, i.e., use a colored background with white writing.

Create a YouTube logo with DesignEvo

Tips and How to Create an Optimal YouTube Logo 2

If you are a designer or you are able to control Adobe Photoshop well, this is a good choice for you. However, if you are not, what to do? Don’t worry! There comes the DesignEvo logo maker.

With a user-friendly interface, the tool aims at non-designers. It’s nothing like Photoshop, where you have to create everything from scratch and know advanced graphic design techniques. DesignEvo offers more than ten thousand templates that you can modify to suit your needs, with a simple drag and drop interface.

We are going into much more detail on how to make a logo. Taking a minute to imagine your final product and understand what you want to achieve will save you time later. Once you’ve done that, go to DesignEvo logo maker and follow these steps.

Choose a preset YouTube logo design

After clicking on Make a Free Logo on the homepage, the software opens a new document with a vast number of templates. You can scroll through the different templates organized by sector.

If you’re running a YouTube channel for a tech business, you can click type “tech” to search the related one. When you click on one of them, it will appear on your blank DesignEvo’s for a larger view.

Play with the YouTube logo colors, text, icons, etc.

The key to successful brand identity is ensuring colors are consistent across all marketing materials. So you’d better use the same one or two colors (three maximum) in your YouTube logo and website.

Then double-click the logo text and edit it with your business name and slogan (if the logo contains them).

As with colors, you should limit fonts to no more than two to avoid confusion. The fonts must be similar to what you use in other branding materials. You can choose a font for the company name to make it unique and use a more standard font for the tagline.

You can play around with different icons to best suit your vision. This allows you to move individual elements, make them larger or smaller, and change the opacity. You can also change the background, add shapes, adjust element size, position, etc. 

Create different versions and sizes

Once you’ve established the colors, fonts, elements, and how they’re arranged, it’s time to create a variety of versions. In this way, you can use the logo in different situations. It’s good practice to have different sizes, especially if you’ll be using it for printing at some point.

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You can easily upload and publish your created logo.

To do this, go to the “Customize” area in the YouTube Studio and click on “Branding.”

Here, you can set your profile picture as nothing more than the YouTube logo. Here, click on “Upload” and select the logo from your hard drive.

In the next step, you can adjust it, which makes sense, especially for non-square images. But if you have already created a square logo, simply click on “Done.”

When cropping, it also shows which area is visible when the logo is displayed in a round way and which is not.

Now you have uploaded your logo, visible on your channel and YouTube in general.


Creating your own YouTube logo is crucial because it is the central “business card” of your channel.

So take your time and use helpful tools. Don’t tinker with it forever, and you can always change the logo later.

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