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These Are The Common Passport Mistakes That You Should Never Make

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Two years ago, I had booked my flight tickets to New York with Indian Eagle. My packing was done, I was all set to move from this new place to another new place. Being a professional wanderer, my work demanded me to keep moving. I was well prepared with this trip and everything was going great. Then came the security check system at the airport. I was asked to show my passport and that is where I was rejected instantly. I didn’t know what happened that was when I was told that my name had an extra alphabet added to it in my passport. Instead of ‘Rajita’, it there was ‘RajitHa’ printed on it. No matter what I did then, they wouldn’t let me go and that is how I finally realized how big of a mistake it was. I had decided not to ruin anymore trips of mine and so my research has led me to these common passport mistakes which we often make. I hope you learn from my mistakes.

                                  Did you check your Passport Expiration Date?

This one is the most important thing you should remember about your passport because this one is indeed a very common passport mistake that you might end up doing. Just keep checking the expiration date of your passport. There are countries that don’t let you enter their territories if your passport is about to expire in six months. It is better to keep renewing your passports to stay safe and away from any further complications at the airports.

                                                  Why wait too long to apply?

Applying for a passport should never be delayed. You never know when you might be needing them. On an average, it takes nearly six weeks for the passport to arrive after applying. So why not apply it whenever you have the chance to? Why wait till a perfect opportunity? It is just a passport and not a visa. That means you can keep it handy at any point of time. If you try applying for a passport at the spur of the moment, you might have to pay extra to get it done quickly. So just apply for it and keep it with you for the right day. Don’t wait for the right day to apply for it. You do not want to be a victim of that extra expedition fee. Do you?   

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                                            Did you just fill your form carelessly?

Now this one is a serious common passport mistake that half of the people end up making. You need to remember that you just cannot make mistakes in a passport form. It is not an exam sheet. It is an important piece of document that plays an important role in your ‘Travel Life’. So make sure to check, re-check and then check again before submitting the form. Now I don’t exactly remember if I made the mistake in my spelling or they did but it happened anyways. So check your passport thoroughly after you receive it and if there are any errors, get them corrected as soon as possible because it is totally embarrassing to stand at the security check in while they tell you that you are not allowed to go ahead with your trip because of an error in your passport. So try not to make this silly common passport mistake.    

                                        Did you forget to correct your name?

Now if you have made a mistake with your name or if you have changed your name recently, then don’t forget to get it corrected in the passport immediately because that also can be a problem. You will need a DS-5504 form, which is valid only if you had been issued with the passport less than a year ago. But if you have a passport for a longer time, then you need to use the Passport Renewal option form which is DS-82. But make sure to check if you are eligible for the form.  

                            Why are there too many stamps on your passport?

I would be glad to know if you are an avid traveler and that you travel frequently. That is surely a great thing. Woohoo! You are enjoying your life. But don’t you think having too many stamps on your passport is not a good thing? As per the rules of some countries, you need to have at least 2 or 3  blank pages in your passport. Stamping all the pages is actually not a good thing and so keep on updating it frequently so that you don’t face these issues with your passport.

Passports are a boon if used properly and if not, they can be a great obstacle. Make use of them with all the rules in your mind. People often end up making these mistakes and that is why you should be alert with this important book in your life. Let me know in the comment section below if you have anything to convey. Do not forget to like and share his article if you find it worthy. Remember to not make these mistakes ever because you know the trouble you might land in. Hope you have a safe trip. Bon Voyage!  

META DESCRIPTION: Often many of us end up making common passport mistakes which cause a serious problem in the future when we are about to travel or plan a trip. So to avoid having issues at the last minute, here are a few tips you need to know and remember to avoid making common passport mistakes.   

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