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The ultimate journey of plus size sexy night dress in India!

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Do you sulk when you come across people who body shame others or pass racist comments or judge others by the stereotypes that the society has wrongly glorified for years? It’s not just these people but certain industries as well who were biased against a certain class of people due to these wrongful stereotypes and the lingerie industry is one of these.

Not long back, a plus size sexy nightwear for women was a myth for the industry and a dream for the women with thicker waistlines. There was an unspoken beauty myth that was glorified and upheld by the lingerie industry all over the world for many decades that underlined only the thinner waistlines as sexy and appealing.

This myth was so dominant in the world of sexy lingerie that every sexy night dress was designed only for slim girls in mind by the designers and the manufacturers. No one stood up against this wrong fashion that without saying it aloud openly reserved the category of beauty and sexy only for the slimmer sections of the society.

In 2012, a Body Positivity Movement that swayed across a majority of countries also took the lingerie industry under its wings. Many celebrities and commoners came together and bashed these beauty myths that promoted racism and body shaming. In India, as well many Bollywood actors and actresses openly fired fairness cream and movies and gigs that made body-shaming comments under the pretext of clean comedy.

This movement completely revolutionized the lingerie industry worldwide including India. The plus size lingerie needs were equally given impetus and more and more local as well as international brands started focusing on plus size sexy nightwear. This trend was not limited here only, and a number of new brands made inroads in the world of lingerie and only catered to the plus size lingerie needs.

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With the increased demand of plus size sexy nightwear, the chaos also augmented, thus considering a few important parameters while looking for a plus size sexy lingerie set.

A lingerie is nothing without a proper fit and a good fabric. If your pick compromises on any of these parameters, it is not worth your money. Moreover, in cases of plus size apparels do consider its flexibility and shape-retaining ability. It should not happen that in few uses the lingerie loses its prudent shape.

Thus, keep these tips handy while shopping for a plus size chemise set in India.

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