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The Ultimate Guide To Using Twitter In Education

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Ultimate Guide Nowadays, microblogging is that much popular among those who have access to the digital world and related technical knowhow. Within this scenario, so many microblogging portals are there on the Internet helpful and useful in education. One can see that modern education does not limit itself within classrooms, but it extends beyond educational complexes and into the wider spectrum of virtual real world.

As far as Twitter is considered as a tool or a common platform to go beyond the limits of traditionalistic approach in education, it can be seen that anyone can benefit from the same.  For instance, short tweets with or without #tags can be used to communicate with students by providing them with latest information related to any subject matter under discussion within classroom premises. Ultimate Guide

But, some argue that tweets consisting of mere 140 characters are not enough to convey and decode the essence of information expected to be sent, shared and re-shared. This is totally wrong assumption because millions are using this microblogging portal in a successful manner to share information and unique ideas. When messages are shortened, students learn how to convey their ideas in a précised manner without any exaggeration.Ultimate Guide

From a different angle of view, those who are living in the modern world don’t have that much time to go through a lengthy message and to decode the information. So, they expect everything in its shortest form without creating ambiguity. To be specific, students need just the essence of a topic, and Twitter can help them to cut short any lengthy information into its shortest form.

When a student follows his or her teachers and classmates, there is high chance for sharing information on class related works, including home works, seminars to be conducted in timely manner, due date of assigned works, etc. When information related to the aforementioned and related works get tweeted, there is less chance for forgetting the same and making lame excuses for not dealing with the same in a timely manner. Ultimate Guide

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Those students who are interested in going beyond text books can seek help from their teachers by asking questions in a direct manner or through Twitter. On the other side, teachers must be ever ready to clear the doubts of their students. Within this scenario, teachers can depend upon the search option named as “Twitter for Teachers” and can have instant access to the vast array of resources related to education. To be specific, the links stored in the server can lead teachers to valuable information, if they are ready to use the same.Ultimate Guide

When students get any work assigned by their teachers, they are expected to indulge in collaborative work. Here, teachers are expected to motivate their students by making them know the benefits of using microblogging platforms like Twitter. By making use of this option, teachers can easily indulge in the process by providing students with information, advice, and by leading them towards valuable and apt resources to be used.Ultimate Guide

Just imagine that a field trip is to be conducted with the cooperation of students. If all students have access to Twitter, the best thing is to share the idea with them and seek their opinion. Some students may not be that much active within the proceedings of classroom based communication. Here, teachers can easily motivate them to share their opinions and ideas. In this way, teachers can help less active students to feel what cooperation and cohesion are in real life situations.Ultimate Guide

Another possible utility of Twitter within education is #tags. When students are expected to follow latest information related to a subject, teacher can conduct a discussion on the same and decide a specific hashtag to be followed on Twitter. In this way, students can collect and share latest information on the subject and it can enhance the effectiveness of the process of learning from different sources. Ultimate Guide

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