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The sexy object of sensual desire

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Since my childhood, I always have had a very unique fantasy. I can easily make a storyline and even the whole universe in my imagination. However, for me transforming these scenarios and world of mind are difficult for me to put on the paper or screen. Moreover, I am capable of visualizing the entire conversation which may never happen in the real world. Basically, I have lived up in my fantasies my whole life from a very young age.


Ever once I heard and saw the sex toys scenes on a phone at the young age of 17 from one of my best friends, I have developed sexual fantasies. Not in the single year alone, but over the course of years, sexual desires have been intensified and became a part of my daily normal routine while I was living an unhappy married life.

I am really into fisting, creampie, ball-busting, and heavy kind of BDSM stuff. I have always fantasized about performing these activities with my wife. I researched them and found that its fine with everybody as long as one does these acts with full preparation and consensually. For the beginners, thorough care must be taken while performing these kinds of acts since there are lots of risks involved if these acts are not performed systematically. Therefore, the concept of Safe, sane, and consensual (SSC) stuff and Risk-aware consensual kink have a tough line at acceptance. You must never cross this line and must not engage in activities that defy the consent of your partner. There is a reason these policies and rules exist in the world. In case, you break the rules and involve acts that physically and mentally hurt others for your pleasure, it will surely land you in prison.

To be honest, I was not copulating with my wife at all, but I always craved for performing certain kinds of sexual acts at night. I could visualize fucking a booty masseuse in my head. Normally, these women were all developed from the characters of erotic novels and porn movies that I hid from my parents when I was young. But, as I grew old, these characters changed to everyday women that I saw on my way while going to work or while taking a walk at a park in the early morning.

I started writing blogs to share and express with people so I could get these fantasies out my mind. I thought people would enjoy my thoughts as I put them on my blogs. It cleared my mind and I was developing a habit to work on improving my blogs in the ways that it would benefit people as they get much better ideas of making love to their partners.

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I have traveled around several countries of the world, so there were red light areas, massage parlors were always on my list. One concept that I could not stop learning more and more about is the BDSM play. I visited BDSM sex toys India clubs where one stripper gets spanked in front of a huge crowd and showing the secrets of bondage pleasure. I learned about master and slave topics and using sex toys, adult products in the pleasure play. Every time I saw the performers enjoying the show, making love, getting whipped onstage, and entertaining people, I always wanted those other busty brunette girls would get attracted to me. I fantasized about being a kinkster wearing the Penis chastity cage cock while holding Tiny Silicone Tassel Spanking Whip in my right hand and spanking the girl of my dreams that I always had a crush during my old college days.

There are sexual fantasies that I will keep exploring till the last day of my life as it gives me joy and fulfill my heart with bondage acts I crave for.

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Inaayat Chaudhry is an author, digital marketing expert and content developer at Factsnfigs.com. He is also a veteran in the digital field. Shamsul Hoda brings over eight years of experience in content strategy and digital marketing analysis in the tech industry to a variety of blogs and articles including factsnfigs and unrealistictrends.com and meny more blogs.

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