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The Role of Technology in the Education of the Future

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We are living in a technological era. Technology has influenced every field. And its effects we can see in the educational field. Technology makes our life easy and helps to do our work quickly and efficiently. Technology plays an important role in day to day life and also in the educational field. As technology is developing and moving towards new inventions, according to the educational field also changing. Educational field and its learning teaching methods are changing rapidly. In olden days how the students use to study and how the teachers or instructors used to teach everything is changing according to that student’s teacher’s mindset also changing. In olden days teachers used blackboard chalk in the classroom. But in this modern era, the computers are replacing it. It’s part of the students learning the process. It’s not only in the case of college students but technology has influenced children of all ages. Technology gives new and innovative opportunities to the students as well as teachers. Technology plays a central role in every field. In our research, we can see that more than 95% of the population use technology and the internet in their lives as well as in the educational field. Students are completely depending on technology to attain a quality education.

                                              Education is an important aspect of everyone life. Every parent tries to give the best education and quality education to their child. And we can see in every educational institution the use of modern technological devices and teachers completely use technology to enhance their teaching and learning process. Now students can attain information related to any topic without wasting their time but in olden days they just have to depend on textbooks or libraries but now they can get what they want without much delay. Upcoming new generation is very lucky that they can get to know the use and merits of technology completely. The web browser is an integral part of the educational field. By using a web browser and other sources they can get information’s which are related to lessons. So we can say that technology has brought a drastic change in the educational field and it has a very positive effect on the teaching-learning process. Changes that technology brought and will bring in the educational field.

Electronic books (E-books)

In olden days textbooks are the main source of information and they don’t have any other source. Now E-books are replaced by textbooks. Students can carry E-books whenever and where ever they want. Now students don’t need to carry textbooks. In-library students have to find the information related to lessons which are not an easy task they have to search and have to find it. But in E-books students no need to waste their time and energy to search now they can find it quickly and without any delay.

Online learning

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In future, everyone will get the opportunities to learn and to attain knowledge. They can learn according to their own pace and flexibility. They can learn whatever they want according to their ability interest and amount of time. And they will get related materials online without much delay. They can learn when they are free and they can do works related to subjects and they can appear exams online. Through this everyone gets learning opportunities and enhance education.

Free education

In olden days people have to pay to gain an education. Some are able to pay and some are not. Some can bear the expense of education and some are not able to bear it and they drop education. But after the invention of online education People get free education and everything is available now online. Online learning helped people and attracted them towards learning and it helped to spread education without the discrimination of caste gender and class.

Student-teacher interaction

One of the major changes that helped to enhance and attract the learning-teaching process is the improving the student’s teachers relationship. In traditional classroom set up students and teachers didn’t have much interaction session but after the use of technology, it really helped to have a good rapport between the students and teachers. Students can email or text to share their ideas and thoughts.

                               So in every sense, we can say the technology has brought a drastic and massive change in the educational field. And in the future education system will change more and will help to develop good citizen and developed nation. Opportunities are an integral part of technology and everyone should use it to lead a successful life.


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