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The Power of Touches: How to take care of your newborn baby?

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Newborns are fragile beings that require extreme care and attention. Particularly in the newborn period, the mother’s touch can be magical for babies and acts as a genesis of love, care, security, and protection.

The initial skin-to-skin contact not only helps in the emotional as well as physical growth of the baby but also creates a stronger bond between the parents and their little ones. In order to reap the benefits of touches, here are some newborn baby care tips that can help you become the best parents in the town:

  • Handle with Care

Though babies are delicate, don’t be afraid to touch, hold, or handle your baby. Wash your hands with a hand sanitizer before holding your baby. Your newly born baby’s neck muscles are weak, therefore, support the head and neck while carrying your baby. Furthermore, never shake your baby as it can cause bleeding in the brain.

  • The Phase of Bonding and Soothing

The phase of infant care is extremely sensitive and can help parents to develop a deeper bond with their infant. This bond can contribute to the emotional as well as physical growth of the baby. You can begin your sessions of bonding by gently stroking your baby in different patterns. Massaging your baby with baby oil can also strengthen your bond. As babies like vocal sounds, try singing, reciting poetry, and talking to stimulate your baby’s hearing. Moreover, swaddling is another soothing technique that can keep your baby warm and provide him/her a sense of comfort and security.

  • Right Baby Care Products

Using the right baby care products is the key to your baby’s overall well-being. Always choose products that are safe and gentle on your baby’s skin. Besides, avoid products that can be harsh or can damage the natural barrier of your baby’s skin.    

  • Diaper Change
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Storing diapers before bringing your newborn baby home can make your life easier. Before diapering your infant, make sure you have the necessary baby care products such as a clean diaper, fasteners, diaper ointments, and diaper wipes (or cotton balls or a clean washcloth). After each bowel movement, wipe your baby’s genital area with cotton balls or wipes. As diaper rashes are common among infants, use the ointment to heal or prevent rash. If the diaper rash gets worse, visit your doctor as it may be a sign of a fungal infection. Always keep your infant’s diaper area clean and dry.

  • Baby Bath

Giving your baby a bath is one of the most challenges tasks for new parents. Be ready with all bathing supplies such as a soft washcloth, mild baby soap and shampoo, a soft brush for your baby’s scalp, towels, a clean diaper, and clean clothes. According to doctors, giving bath 2-3 times a week is sufficient during the initial period.

  • Sleeping

Usually, newborns have unpredictable sleeping patterns. They tend to become sleepy during the day and more alert during the night. In order to develop the right sleeping pattern, you must keep stimulation to a minimum during night and reserve playing for the daytime. According to the leading baby care experts, skin-to-skin contact can help maintain your baby’s heart rate, body temperature, blood pressure, blood sugar level, and respiratory levels. Moreover, this will also strengthen your emotional bond with your baby.

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