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The Influence of Designed and Textured Custom Rigid Packaging on Gender Marketing

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Human senses, i.e., vision, touch, taste, smell, and hearing, play a significant role in consumers’ perceptions of a product. These perceptions are based on personal experiences, demographic characteristics, and cultures that affect our emotional responses. A positive response can lead to a decision to buy that product, whereas a negative response may result in avoiding it. Therefore, sensory perception strongly affects consumers’ purchasing behavior.

The process of consumers’ sensory perception starts when they get exposed to a stimulus in their immediate environment – intentionally or unintentionally. Once they direct their attention to it and sense it with their five sensory organs – eye, ear, nose, mouth, and skin – pass along input signals to their brain to get processed and interpreted.

Cosmetic custom rigid boxes addressing tactile sense is a new marketing scheme used by brands and businesses. This scheme has turned out to be perfect for attracting consumers and influencing their purchase decision. Custom rigid packaging surface attributes such as sculpting, tapping, velvet screen printing, and many others on the package’s surface. These surfaces are meant to convey your brand personality. Brands and rigid box manufacturers USA can use tactile sense to their advantage while designing wholesale rigid boxes to attract consumers who are shopping for the product. 

Custom Rigid Boxes and Gender Marketing

The designed surfaces of custom rigid boxes are also used to convey personalities in graphic design and packaging design. Various studies and surveys have emphasized the importance of considering the consumers’ needs and tastes in design elements of packaging such as color, illustration, and font. According to the Packaging Republic, the consumers’ packaging tastes and needs vary due to demographic factors like age, gender, culture, etc. For instance, the graphic design of men’s cosmetic packaging and graphic design elements such as color, illustration, and font will always convey various male personalities. The male consumers may like embossed packaging surfaces, whereas women are fond of smooth and glossy surfaces. 

The current mass marketing approaches attempt to attract a wide range of consumers, which can hardly succeed due to the fierce product competition. Nowadays, consumers hesitate to make a buying decision until their genuine needs are proved to be met. Therefore, the customers are broken down into clusters of specific groups. Various custom rigid packaging strategies are designed and developed for each group to gain targeted, responsive behavior. 

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Gender marketing, for instance, is among existing marketing strategies, which offers an alternative to targeted gender in the realm of cosmetic products. Many high-end brands have started considering gender differences while designing their wholesale rigid boxes. Many brands and businesses are of the view that their sales figure grew double by using this strategy. Therefore, it is worth taking gender differences as one of the packaging strategies to attract both genders as two different markets. 

The Packaging Republic believes that a balanced integration of design elements must be collectively used to form complete imagery. The visualization process of human eyes, which gather information in accordance with the enclosure, similarity, and proximity property of space and composition, must also be taken into account. This can help the brands and rigid box manufacturers USA to create the packaging design properly while recognizing the aesthetic aspects of design perception. In a nutshell, your packaging design must be within the confines and the doctrines of compositional arrangements such as harmony, proportion, balance, rhythm and repetition, unity emphasis¸, and contrast.           

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