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The Career as a Tax Consultant

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As a tax consultant, you will definitely look to some unexpected problems for innovative solutions. Here is a look at tax careers and what you can do on a business day.

Tax at a glance

Tax is a life reality which cannot be prevented – it affects all people, businesses and companies. Everybody wants to save money on their taxes and everybody will like someone else to do their paperwork. This is where tax staff come in.

Know tax laws

Find innovative means of money saving

Do any calculation

Do the documentation

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Explain in clear terms what they are doing

Tax careers: different positions explained

Two key components comprise a tax role: enforcement and advice.


The nitty-gritty of tax enforcement is paperwork. Compliance. One big duty is to complete and file the tax returns of your client in accordance with the latest regulations. You can make estimates, accounts and paperwork depending on your specialisation for things like establishing family confidences or planning assets. You should expect to concentrate on hr outsourcing services in hyderabad at the beginning of your career while you learn ropes.

Advisory services

Consulting is the tax company’s problem-solving side. Tax consultants ensure the accounts of their customers are tax effective (simply put, they find ways for their clients to pay the minimum tax possible). It means that tax regulations are understood inside and all the tax systems, tax cuts and loopholes which are available can be used. You will concentrate on this as a trained tax advisor.

Three major tax areas exist

Corporate tax – corporate tax administration. corporate tax management. Specialisms such as transfer pricing are available here.

Personal tax – personal tax administration. Personal tax management. Land planning and high net worth individuals are trained in this.

Indirect tax – products and services tax control, including commodity VAT. This is not the case for personal income tax or corporation income tax.

For these kinds of companies will you work?

Businesses in accounting

These companies generally provide their customers full auditing, risk management and financial services.

Tax consultancies

These also concentrate on taxation, shops and specialists. They are perfect for businesses or citizens.


In-house tax practitioners can manage their own taxes in some businesses. The tax department may be one person, 20 or hundred depending on the size of the business.

Competencies and expertise

While calculation is essential, tax firms are not looking for mathematicians. You want people who can understand complicated laws and clarify the choices of customers in plain English.

You must work on the following:



Control of time

Company sensitivity

Solution of problems

Be vigilant about specifics


Keep a foot at the door

A visit to one of Big Four accounting firms is a successful first step into your career in taxation, though you are not intending to work like this. Try to secure a spot in one of their initial programmes. You must apply for university within the first term of your first year.

You’ll also get a good start with a summer internship. See the Big Four again and see what smaller tax companies are offering.

There are ways you can take your accounting career elsewhere after you have gained experience.

How to Become a Tax Consultant

You may become a civil service that provides a good balance and advantages of working life. Or you might strike yourself out. You are likely to deal with your personal taxes or with those of smaller businesses as an independent tax consultant in hyderabad. All these are the career advantages as a tax consultant. You should set your own time between home and work.

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