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The Best Sex Toys: What You Need & What They Do

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At times even a decent spanking doesn’t help with the change in Attitude lol.


The eyes of a person are the window to the fervor, or that’s what they say.

Eyes tell more than that one can understand at one time.



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You can notice when you take a good look at somebody’s eyes long and profound enough, you’ll locate a whole cosmic system of feelings hidden up there.

I see this as especially valid for those of us as we are living in today’s lifestyle. Taking a gander at photographs posted by everyone from our beautiful communities, I’ve seen every one of you have a caliber to your look that helps me to remember to observe the stars on a crisp night in the country.

Staggering, charming, galactic eyes to get mixed up like cream whirling into espresso.

Being a green girl, I find it really struggling to live in urban areas.

The crowd.


Tall buildings.

The roads.

The tumult.

It’s a complete mess full of disordered wreckage of fuckery that makes my head turn, my hair wriggle, and my body hurt. It makes a ton of uneasiness, and after a certain time, regularly drives me to my knees in dissatisfaction, leaving tear colored lines on my cheeks.

At that point, I arrive at this point of distress, where I’m wishing to detach my way from my own skin just to make my desperation stop.

Just to get away from the steady buzz and stream of society, wolves that we are.

So when I’m on my knees, constraining battered breaths between my dry lips, fingers mauling to get through tarmac on the floor, tears blinding my direction…

I go away…

I flee to the main spot I’ve felt comfortable like home. 

The one and only place I’ve felt calm.

As a bigger woman, I’ve generally found myself battling with the fact that I don’t have make big boobs with sex toys as I have always wanted. I have huge round hips, nice thick thighs, and a huge booty, yet my bust has consistently been inadequate.

I tried various medicines, took various pills, and even though of getting cosmetic surgery to enhance the size of my tits, but none of it worked. I was even being bullied like a piece of the ‘itty titty bitty panel’ and had discovered that wearing loose garments covered my body well. In the event that they can’t see, they can’t make fun of you.

On my expedition of figuring out how to love and take care of myself, I have begun to realize that while they may not be bigger in size, they’re still amazing, deserving of making a superior tag, and I have the right to appreciate the sentiment of hot texture covering them, much the same way as every other woman.

One day, while watching some sexy videos I saw an ad of breast and penis enlargement pumps and I ordered some adult products from online websites, and also ordered some vibrators and dildos as well. After consistently using the enhancement pump for approximately 3-4 weeks, I found great effects. There was more expansion in my tits and they were more round and plump. It really helped me getting my confidence back and playing with adult products like vibrators was never so much fun before.

Just about a year prior, my greatly hopeless, collapsing marriage totally self-destructed. It was recently a complete verbal and psychological mistreatment from my husband for quite a long time turned into a knockdown, leaving me with a blackout that took me 3 months to recover from, a couple of wounds, and a broken rib. 

I really never thought I’d have the vigor to believe in another person ever again, not to mention a man in a close, intimate way…

Today around evening time, while at work, I saw a couple sharing some intimate expressions of love, yet it caused me to remember how much I really miss physical touch with somebody I trust, love, and can cherish for memories. I understood that I don’t only need the sort of trust, love, trustworthiness, sensual talk, and trust a genuine D/s relationship gives. Yes, I crave it.

That is the point at which I understood that my heart didn’t break in an unpleasant manner any longer and that I’m rejuvenating from having such a solid relation broken, no matter it was a crappy one.

For a long time, I’ve been attracted to the way of living a life; for a long time, I stopped from true fantasies, desires, and needs. 

I hid mine wants to submit and to be controlled so profoundly, that holding on to my femininity and sexuality turned out to be agonizingly inconvenient. Now, I know how to relive my fantasies as I am a big fan of Online Sex Toys Store and regularly explore the latest adult products available in India

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