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The Best B2B Marketing Tool: 4 Powerful Instagram Story Ideas

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Instagram stories are created after Snapchat is a popular fact. But how many of us know that Instagram stories took the platform to the peek? It reached above 300 million daily active users in a year since its launch overtaking Snapchat. But its social appeal for the younger generation made several B2B marketers think that it would not fit for them. However, Instagram stories proved to break those assumptions. Many B2B companies have made great output results through the same. Instagram stories are the storytelling platform that drives traffic to your business while engaging your customers. If you have stuck where to start your B2B marketing strategy on Instagram stories, this post is for you. Here are 4 powerful guiding tips to include in your strategy.

Plan For Concentrated Content:

Instagram stories are different but unique from your regular posts. They appear only for 24 hours a day. This short life-span is an advantage in creating excitement for your audience. It is a great idea to plan for episodic content. All of your stories will be connected when they are viewed. So, you can promote your product by effortless storytelling and demonstrating how they work with serialized content for a short life-span. Showcase the new tools in your business or publish solutions for problems you tackle to engage your audience in an exclusive way. 

Build A Content Funnel:

As Instagram stories are time-sensitive, it is a great place to improve conversion. Create a mini-funnel along with your serialized content. Add high-quality awareness pictures to the top of the funnel and video content to the mid-funnel. It enables users to research and gather information and finally get into some action. However, it is one of the best B2B marketing strategies to experiment with these self-contained stories. You may get qualified leads for your business and drive sales ultimately.  

Personalize Your Brand:

Show off your brand to be more consistent and recognizable to your target audience. Add special visual effects using the Instagram stories to gain more eyes on your posts. Story views can be boosted when you get Instagram story views and add music to enhance the user experience. B2B companies can stand out from the crowd by posting content that emotionally connects their audience. Create content that will showcase your brand’s personality and company culture. Deliver exclusive behind the scenes of your business and staff to show your human side.  

Add Link To Drive Conversion:

Instagram stories have come up with a game-changing feature of adding a link to each piece of your content. In regular Instagram feeds, you can add only a specific link to your bio. It reduces your limit and increases research to choose a wiser one. But Instagram stories can accommodate links every time you post content. The volume of clicks is crucial for any brand in B2B marketing. You can add the link or use the swipe-up feature that will direct your audience to the destination. It will automatically maximize your traffic through Instagram stories

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B2B companies can make more out of Instagram stories. Create high-quality shoppable contents that are appealing to your users to get more sales leads. Use hashtags and location stickers to improve your visibility and be discovered by new users. You can survey your audience to gain customer insights and collect feedback to build your future products. Anticipate your audience by teasing upcoming launches and partially reveal your new product ideas. Interact and respond with your audience directly to create trust in your brand. Always keep in track of Instagram analytics. Remember Instagram stories may last for 24 hours, but their impacts will last forever.

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Nancy John is a content writer who lives in Texas. She writes all things related to social media and has a great passion for music and continental cuisine.

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