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The 7 Amazing Outdoor Wedding Party Flowers Ideas

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Wedding is one of the most beautiful and memorable occasion in everyone’s life. It is not wrong if you call it one of the best ceremonies of your life. So, when you are planning for wedding, it has to be grand. The most amazing way to make your wedding beautiful and special is to throw a party for all invitees. Decoration is one of the most important parts of any party. The very first thing that everyone notices in the party is the decoration. Here is how to make your wedding party look stunning with nothing but just flowers.

1) Sunflowers

If you are counting the classic flowers of wedding, your list must top with sunflowers. Planning wedding at the outside place is a good choice as it will be open and airy. But there are very less number of flowers that can absorb the direct sunrays. Sunflowers can absorb sunlight at its fullest. So, the worry of sunlight destroying your party décor will be nil if you choose sunflowers. Sunflowers love and cherish the sunlight. So, it will make your party glow bright just like your mind will be with happiness and excitement. Find more guest post in 10minuteideas website.

2) Protea

The origin of this flower is far away in South Africa and Australia. If you want to add eloquence to your wedding party, this flower is the perfect one. This massive and stand-out focal bloom is gorgeous in every way. If you are planning your wedding décor to be a little old school, this flower recommends in the best way possible. The flowers bloom in one of the most extreme environment. This indicates that they will survive in any possible weather. Each flower has a unique charm that you can hand-craft them in exclusive ways for each place.

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3) Air Plants

The common name of the air plants is succulents. This flower is of another unique flower that resonate charm and beauty. This plant belongs to the dessert lands. So, it is clear that they need little care and maintenance. They also can bear long hours of temperature and sunlight. Air plants are firm in nature. Their hardy texture makes them a quality one for the round and ornate decorations. Some of the categories of air plants are much freer and have curvier leaves. They are perfect for cascading decoration because of their hypnotic rhythm.

4) Thistle

Sometimes, when you plan to make mixed bouquet with different flowers, you need a firm filler flower. Talking about filler flowers, thistle is a great one. But people do not consider or are ignorant about this flower. The Northern European flower is more a weed than a flower according to its outlook and texture. But this flower is an exotic one. Once you cultivate them, they will have unstoppable growth. The thistle looks very old school having a cone at the center of it. And it’s petals look like snow-flakes spikes. Such flower adds earthy and natural spirit to the floral arrangements. As this flower is very expensive, they you won’t find them everywhere. They are best to have through online flower delivery.

5) Carnations

Carnations are the most long-lasting cut flowers originated from Mediterranean. This has the ultra feminine touch to provide to the event or occasion. This dainty flower is one of the strongest blooms out there. There is one problem. Every beautiful thing has an innate flaw. This flower blooms under the warm sun rays. So, for summer there is no worry for this flower to take care of. But it is quite difficult to tell how it works in other climactic situations.

6) Tropical

Tropical is a category of flower that includes many flowers. Orchid and anthurium are two most popular tropical flowers. As they grow in Equator, they are the perfect blend of moist and heat. Tropical do not have any acclaimed décor. You can find them often in contemporary and abnormal arrangements. So, they are perfect for exclusive and unique floral arrangements. They bring out the eloquence of the wedding and compliment the feelings of happiness. Flowers delivery to san jose is the perfect place to order tropical for wedding.

7) Greenery

Greenery works in the most phenomenal way to give your wedding an exclusive look. Colorful blossoms are stereotypes. So the green adds versatility and uncommon features to the wedding decoration. Another important part is there are more than 300 varieties of greenery plants for décor. From table décor to the vow-stage, they are available for every place.

The above ideas for outdoor décor of wedding party will leave your invitees awestruck.

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