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Steps to be included in the procurement policy for chemical products

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Best practice of chemical products procurement policy

Make sure you have a clear, documented policy that all employees can easily follow before starting the chemical products procurement and procurement process. Your chemical procurement policy should include the following steps:

Make a list of commonly used and approved chemicals that suppliers can purchase.

Determine the process for approving and adding chemicals to the list.

Determine the quantity allowed to buy.

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Create a receiving process associated with inventory management so that the quantity is updated in real time (this can be done automatically for you with datacor ERP and other specialized software).

Establish audit procedures for chemical purchasing requirements.

Create standard request, order and approval forms.

Document all processes and procedures and make them available to all employees who need access (these can be generated and stored in your ERP system).

Assign roles and responsibilities and train employees.

Now you can start buying. In order to remain safe, compliant, organized, efficient and profitable, chemical manufacturers and distributors need to keep the following best practices in mind:

Ensure that all chemical products on the approved list meet safety and regulatory requirements and are reviewed based on risk assessment.

Ensure all purchased chemicals are on the approved chemical list.

Purchase orders are reviewed and approved by appropriate personnel.

Conduct appropriate training for staff to determine necessary and non essential raw material / production and MRO purchasing requirements.

Train employees to correctly assess and deal with chemical safety hazards.

Ensure all chemicals, including safety data sheets (SDSS), are handled and stored as required.

Confirm that the chemical supplier understands the safety and hazards and can consult if there is any problem.

Keep the correct label of raw materials and the corresponding SDSS storage.

It has an accurate and reliable chemical inventory management system, which is linked with purchasing and purchasing (datacor ERP provides out of the box system).

Follow up timely order and eliminate excess inventory of raw materials.

Set minimum and maximum order points for inventory MRO.

Ensure production, transportation, receiving and warehouse facilities meet safety and regulatory standards, including the provision of appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and waste storage and disposal.

Datacor ERP includes all the functions described in this article, as well as more functions required by chemical manufacturers and distributors to optimize, efficient and profitable chemical procurement and procurement. To learn more, schedule a personalized presentation today.

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