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Shopping Rules in New York: TOP 8 Popular Outlets and Malls

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New York is a city of attractions. The city is full of visitors, hunting for elite drinks, night clubs, easy food and pleasant time being. Do you know that shopping is the top attraction in New York. Of course, this is a center of the world’s fashion and the motherland of many legendary stores and brands. Click here if you need a car in New York. It will be more comfortable to do shopping with a car. GPS will help you to get to any local shop. Honestly, there are many worthy places to go. Let’s check them all!

Woodbury Common Premium Outlets

This huge store includes about 250 smaller stores. It looks like a big city or shopping village. All your favorite brands can be found here! The prices are 25% – 65% cheaper than somewhere else. Adidas, Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana and many others offer their products for more than affordable price. The Outlet is located in the Central Valley, an hour driving from Manhattan.


This popular shop is also known as Bloomies. It is also situated in Manhattan, to be the most fashionable department store. This is a huge shopping mall in the heart of New York. This is a place where you can find everything, including designer clothes, vintage handbags or fine housewares. What is more, you will never be lost here. You can get any information you need about the shopping center at the multi-lingual reception.

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Macy’s is legendary fashion institution. This is an icon of style and fashion in America. It is located at Herald Square in New York. If you want to buy clothes of the latest fashion, something new and shocking, welcome to Macy’s.


This huge store is famous of its sales. You can catch about 30-70% off for designer clothes. The number of brands you can find here is long. Of course, the most of them you expect to find here. There are many that you didn’t even know about. Local brands are mostly popular for locals. They are cheaper in price and good in quality. You can find something really amazing and original here that you cannot find somewhere else in New York.

Century 21

This American department store is a piece of pie for many tourists. What a bargaining place it is! The store is situated in the financial city district. If you want to find something super cheap from Armani, or Prada, you can find it here for 75% sale. There is a big choice of clothes for men and women, and also for kids. If you couldn’t find something original here, you can still pick something for souvenir in Century 21.

Cosmetic Market

What a good idea to have a big cosmetic store in a short drive from the center. Of course, good cosmetic is always expensive…but not here! This is a unique place where you can find everything for your make-up. You cannot even imagine how low the prices here are! Can you find a nail polish from Chanel for $5 only? It is even possible to find a hair color from L’Oreal for no more than $1. What a bargain! You are welcomed here not only for cosmetics, but snacks, jewelry, gifts and souvenirs. It’s really hard to leave this place without buying something.

Fishs Eddy

If you are in search of kitchen ware for low price but of a high quality, welcome to Eddy. This is a place where you can find something original for your kitchen. Looking for retro decoration or high-tech kitchen ware, you should come here. By the way, you cannot find anything from old collections. The assortment of goods is changing seasonally. There is a chance to get sales every week. Just be attentive and try to buy something you like the most for cheap.

Leekan Designs

Looking for a souvenir from New York, don’t miss visiting Leekan Designs. This showroom welcomes you with the unique art samples, came from China, India, and other Asian countries. If you want to add something special to your home interior, come here. You can find goods not only for interior decoration, but interesting necklaces or bracelets, hand-made jewelry, and other things. It’s really cool to buy one of these exotic accessories for souvenir. The atmosphere is friendly and artistic here. Come and see!

The list of MUST-VISIT shops is not finished yet. The city is full of attractive shops and shopping proposals. The choice is big and every store tries to make a unique proposal for a client. Remember, shopping is not only a big pleasure, but a piece of luck. Don’t buy the first attractive item you’ve found. There can be something more attractive in the nearest shop. Planning your shopping trip, try to pick the malls and outlets at the same city district. It makes your shopping fast and productive.

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