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Selecting the Perfect Wiley X Safety Glasses

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Wiley X Safety In order for you to feel confident in the safety gear you purchase, you absolutely need to conduct a little bit of research in advance. One of the best ways to weed through the inferior models and discover a great fit is by reviewing only the options offered by trusted brands in the eyewear industry. Wiley X has long been known for producing quality glasses, meaning you can’t go wrong by looking at the offerings by this noteworthy company. Look over these popular models of Wiley X safety glasses and discover the best pair for you.


There are a number of different ways that safety glasses are meant to keep your eyes protected. For many people, the primary concern is sunlight. When you spend a decent amount of time exposed to the rays of the sun, it takes more than a little SPF to protect your skin and eyes. The Helix by Wiley X takes this to heart by boasting protection from both UV-A and UV-B rays. The next time you plan on spending a day outdoors, the Helix will ensure the sun doesn’t ruin your good time.


A standing ovation is definitely in order for the Ovation, another popular model of Wiley X safety glasses. Like the Helix, the Ovation boasts protective properties like the ability to shield the eyes from direct sunlight exposure. Additionally, you can expect enhanced protection in the way that the lenses and frames have been crafted. No matter where your day takes you, this is a pair of glasses that will help you make the most of matters and give you a sense of protection at all times Wiley X Safety.

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Glasses that are built to last are your best bet when the time comes to invest in a new pair. The Censor by Wiley X is a perfect example of this. Showcasing a slick design that works in a variety of scenarios, the Censor also boasts all of the safety features that Wiley X has become known for over the years. Outdoor enthusiasts love this option, as it has been aerodynamically designed to maximize activities that people engage with while outside like hiking, biking, and playing sports.


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Leading an active lifestyle means that you will need to put extra thought behind the gear you buy to protect yourself. Since you likely come in contact with more risks than someone who spends most of his or her free time around the house, you need your glasses to reflect this point. The Twisted by Wiley X Safety is an excellent option for those who are always on the go because it has been crafted to meet the demands of such a life. Whether you golf, bike, run, or play tennis, the Twisted is a perfect fit.

Now that you have a better idea of the more popular options of Wiley X safety glasses, you’re ready to find a pair that works for your exact needs. Take time to review the variety offered at Marvel Optics and you will easily be able to discover glasses that exceed all of your expectations for what eyewear should accomplish.

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