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    Role of Tyres in Improving Your Bike’s Fuel Efficiency

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    It is an era where the government is promoting the idea of green cities. However, as the number of on-road vehicles is constantly increasing, finding ways to enhance the fuel efficiency of your vehicle best aligns with the concept of following eco-friendly practices.

    In such a scenario, tyres play a vital role in maximizing your bike’s fuel efficiency. According to the recent consumer reports which tested some of the best all weather tyres, it was found that tyres with a low rolling resistance can considerably improve your vehicle’s fuel economy.

    When it comes to the role of tyres in improving your vehicle’s fuel economy, rolling resistance is of utmost importance. The amount of fuel your bike burns is directly proportional tothe resistance it has to get moving. Let us now look at some of the best ways to reduce the rolling resistance your tyres produce and maximize your bike’s fuel efficiency:

    1.       Proper Air Pressure

    Deflated tyres can increase the rolling resistance by almost 20%. It is therefore extremely important to check the inflation pressure on a regular basis, preferably when the tyres are cold. Lesser air pressure leads to more friction, resulting in decreased fuel efficiency. The outer wall of your tyres have the manufacturer’s specifications which will guide you as to when you should inflate your tyres.

    2.       Treads

    Deeper treads decrease the fuel efficiency of your bike. The treads of your tyre are responsible for grabbing asphalt in harsh weather conditions. You should opt for tyreshaving narrow treads in order to reduce the air resistance and improve the fuel efficiency of your bike.

    3.       Size of the Tyre

    Smaller tyres on a smaller wheel cause less friction and are easier to set into motion while driving in the city. In order to ensure optimal fuel mileage, it is important to choose tyres manufactured by the top motorcycle tyre manufacturers inIndia or as recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer in the owner’s manual.

    4.       Type of Wheel

    Every wheel has a designated load carrying capacity. Depending upon the weight of your vehicle, you can change the size of your tyres and opt for lighter alloy wheels instead of steel wheels to decrease the rolling resistance.

    According to the best bike tyre brand in India, choosing the right combination of wheels and tyres can drastically improve the fuel efficiency of your bike. Keeping this in mind, you should always opt for tyres manufactured by the best tyre company for India roads in order to get the best mileage from your bike and save your fuel expenses. 

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