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How Do I Resolve Malwarebytes Errors?

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Malwarebytes anti-malware plans are available for Windows, Mac as well as phone devices. The freeware of Malwarebytes is very famous for removing the PUPs from your device. You can easily install Malwarebytes antivirus with another antivirus. While using Malwarebytes with the primary antivirus, you need to make a few changes to the Malwarebytes setup. After setting up your Malwarebytes, you can run Malwarebytes without any conflict issues. But there are few other issues that you may face while using Malwarebytes. 

Unable to install Malwarebytes

Malwarebytes installation error appears when you are installing an incompatible setup on your device. If you are getting the error while installing a new setup then check the resource requirements. Sometimes users didn’t check the resource requirements of Malwarebytes setup and tried to install incompatible setup. Go to your Malwarebytes setup and check all the resource requirements. Inspect your device specifications to check whether the device is compatible or not. If not, then search for a compatible Malwarebytes setup. Some users get this error while transferring the Malwarebytes license from one device to another. 

Malwarebytes unable to install the Update

The error on updating Malware antivirus appears when the internet is not stable. Whenever you see the update error, check the internet connection immediately. If your connection is not stable then you will get the Malwarebytes cannot connect to service error message. Wait for updating until the connection gets stable. Another reason for getting errors in updating Malwarebytes is the low disk space. You can’t install the update in low free disk space. Check the disk space on your device for the error. If you are running out of space then add an SSD to your device. You can also delete large files like HD videos, movies from the device for increasing the free space. After removing the large files, restart the device and try to install the Malwarebytes update on your system.

Malwarebytes scanning process freezes

The error in scanning the device with Malwarebytes can appear due to numerous reasons. One main reason behind the scanning error is the corrupted registry files. When the Malwarebytes related registry files get corrupted, you will start getting the scanning error. Repairing the corrupted registry files is difficult; you should create a backup key before editing the files. Here are the steps to create a Malwarebytes backup key:

  1. Close the Malwarebytes dashboard
  2. On the Start menu, click on the Run bar
  3. Type cmd on your Run bar and press the Enter button
  4. A permission window will appear
  5. Choose Yes button
  6. The cmd screen (black screen) will appear
  7. Type Regedit on the command screen
  8. Press the Enter button

Windows registry editor window will be displayed. Now search for the Malwarebytes related files and save them with the .reg extension. Now export all the files to the desktop and then edit for correction. After repairing the files, restart your device and try to run malwarebytes not opening.

Malwarebytes error appears with a certain program

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When your Malwarebytes is showing the error with a certain program; you need to inspect that program. Conflicting error with Malwarebytes appears when you have installed a malicious program on your device. Whenever you run that program on your device, Malwarebytes detects it and starts showing the error. You need to uninstall the conflicting program from your system. Go to the Programs/Apps folder on your system and search for the conflicting program. Now uninstall the conflicting program; restart the computer and run a Malwarebytes system scan.

Malwarebytes not opening

Malwarebytes not opening issues occur when some of the program files get missing. You need to reinstall a fresh Malwarebytes setup on your device. Remove the existing setup and install a new Malwarebytes setup on your device. 

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