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Different Reasons for back pain and its treatment methods

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Nowadays, having back pain is the most common problem of different age group people. Back pain can be caused due to injury, some medical condition, or any sudden activity. The chances of lower back pain can be increased with age and for many other factors like the previous occupation.

Causes of the back pain

back pain

Lower back pain can be linked to the spinal cord and nerves, bony lumbar spine, ligaments around the discs and spine, discs between the vertebrae, lower back muscles, and the skin around the lumbar area. Upper back pain can be caused because of the aorta, spine, or tumors in the chest.

  1. Strain

Generally, the reason for having back pain is because of tension, injury, or stain. Reasons for back pain are

●   Muscle tension or strained muscles or ligaments

●   Damaged disks

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●   Fractures, injuries, and fall

Some daily activities may increase back pain. Those are

●   Lifting something heavy material

●   Lifting some heavy objects improperly.

●   I am making a sudden, abrupt, or awkward movement.

 2.  Structural Problems

●   Ruptured Disks

In our body, each vertebra in the spine is made of disks. Due to some reason, if the drive fractured, it will give more pressure on the nerves, and for this back, pain may happen.

●   Sciatica

A very sharp pain that goes through the buttock and comes down the backside of the leg, is caused severe pressure in nerve.

●   Arthritis

Arthritis may give you pain with the joints in the hips, some places around the spinal cord, and lower back.

●   Kidney problems

Back pain can also be caused due to kidney problems. 

 3. Movement and Posture

Back pain also caused by some irregular movement or posture of a person.

●   Sudden abrupt movement

●   Sneezing and coughing.

●   Muscle tension and over-stretching

●   Having a long period

●   Bending abruptly or pulling, pushing, or lifting something.

●   Irregular sleeping movement

Treatment of back pain

If you are having back pain, then you should not neglect it. You should think about physiotherapy for back pain in the initial stage, then your back pain may cure rapidly. Your doctor will examine you thoroughly and provide some medicine as well as some specific exercises. First, they will diagnose the exact reason for back pain. So he may ask you to do some tests. Those are:

●   X-ray

The image plates of x-ray will identify whether you have any broken or damaged bones or arthritis.

●   MRI or CT Scans

MRI or CT scan reports can identify herniated disks or problems with muscle, nerves, bones, tissues, ligaments e.t.c.

●   Blood Tests

Blood test can reveal whether you have an infection or not, which can be a reason for back pain.


Back pain can be reduced by some simple ways that need to be followed. If you have back pain, then you should not carry bulky goods or any other heavy objects. You should avoid jumping, abrupt movement, or pulling, pushing in an awkward manner. Besides, some specific exercise which is suggested by the doctor needs to be done on a regular basis. However, you can take medicines, injection, or some other external things that are prescribed by a doctor, for reducing back pain.

Which Doctor should you consult for back pain?

There are various types of health professionals who give treatment for back pain. For the initial treatment, the spine specialist may also help to cure the back pain. If you are from Delhi, then you should consult a doctor for back pain treatment in Delhi NCR.

In the primary stage, some specific group of doctors should be consulted for back pain. Those are

●   Family practice doctors, gynecologists, obstetricians.

●   Chiropractors and doctors of osteopathic medicine.

 Spine specialist has special knowledge of specific area related to back pain.

●   Physiatrists.

●   Neurologists

●   Rheumatologists

  Physiotherapists are the specialist for recovering back pain treatment.

●   Clinical psychologist.

●   Physical therapists and occupation therapists.

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