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Ready for a trip after Lockdown- Travel Gears to pack post-COVID

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Are you planning a trip post- COVID? Do you want to take up extra precautions for ensuring safe travel? No matter if you are flying, moving for a road trip or just stepping out for a small staycation, there are a few things which you must plan well in advance. Coronavirus has paused the traveling fun for many long months, but people are now getting optimistic about travel and essential precautions and norms. Here are the necessary travel gears, which should be a part of your packing bags for the upcoming trip.

The top 10 travel gears to pack post COVID are as follows:

1.        Hand Sanitizers– Sanitizers with more than 60% ethanol or 70% isopropanol are effective in killing the COVID viruses. Depending on your trip’s size, you can either pack a few small bottles or a single big bottle as per your choice. For hotel stay or vacation rentals, be more diligent with the use of hand sanitizers.

2.        Soaps– Although you can get a soap if you are moving to a luxurious hotel for spending some good time but for camping or a condo stay, you need a soap bar handy for frequent hand cleansing purposes.

3.        Disinfectant Wipes– Using public seats in flights, buses and trains during travel is common and keeping a pack of disinfectant wipes is always a great idea. You can also disinfect the light switches and doorknobs with these wipes for a cleaner surface. Wiping the tables and surfaces before eating food on them also helps kill the viruses to a great extent.

4.        Multipurpose Cleaner– If getting wipes is a tricky thing for you, you can also carry a single multipurpose spray cleaner for this purpose. It is an all-purpose cleaner that supports to clean the surfaces of vacation rental kitchen, preventing food-borne pathogens from infecting the food.

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5.        Paper Towels– After using all the disinfectants and sprays, you need paper towels to clean the strong chemicals. In many places, paper tissues and supplies are not readily available, so it is better to carry it along.

6.        Face Masks– Masks have become a ‘new normal,’ and it is mandatory to cover your faces with it as soon as you move out of the houses. Travelers must pack sufficient masks as you might not be able to get laundry options everywhere. Especially if you are visiting a location where weather changes frequently, carrying multiple masks becomes essential. This is because viruses become active in temperature differences and varying humidity levels.

7.        Gloves– Amidst Pandemic, most researchers suggest that using medical gloves can work well to maintain proper levels of hygiene. Besides, they also protect you against the harmful chemicals that make your hands rough and itchy.

8.        Water Bottles– Keeping in mind the safety reasons, water fountains at several places are off, and it is advisable to carry your water bottles for less contact drinking. Carry a liquid detergent if you are using a reusable bottle at your destination.

9.        Food and snacks– Popping in and munching at the fast-food stops or roadside stalls are a strict ‘No.’ Rather, carry your home made snacks or pack sufficient groceries if you are going to cook your meals.

10.      Ziploc Bags– There are a million uses of Ziploc bags, and it is an essential travel gear post-COVID to pile up the used masks, gloves and napkins in these compressed packets. They can be your storage bags so that you do not cross-contaminate other supplies and bags by keeping them together.

Other Inclusions

Other vital things to pack for a post lockdown trip include a pen to avoid common surface contact, cards for touchless payment methods, Health Insurance Cards, a Negative COVD-19 test report, a personal thermometer and a pouch of essential drugs. It must include the common medicines for cough, cold and fever, and pediatric ones if kids are along. Stay vigilant about all the travel do’s and dont’s and enjoy a wonderful trip to refresh yourselves from the Lockdown and Corona Blues!

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