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Procedure for Society Registration in India

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The term society itself means a group of people who are involved in continuous social interaction with each other. A society also includes large social group sharing the same geographical, social territory. The term Societies Registration has been derived from the Latin word ‘Socius’ which means association or companionship. An Individual or independent original human being is considered to be the basic component of the society. Now when one individual interacts or communicates with another individual then it gives birth to groups. When these groups again interact and communicate with each other then they develop some relationship with one another which leads to the formation of society.

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For example if the players of a football team or a cricket team or any other game come together then they will not be called a society but will only be termed as an aggregate of people. Within a society there must be groupings on the basis of likes and differences and dislikes. ‘Likeness’ helps in creating a series of relation among different individuals having similarity in different conditions like having same profession, same residence, same caste, family togetherness, same age group of people, sex and etc.

Documents Required For Society Registration

The general public is an organized group of people whose main objective is to serve society and not to acquire a benefit. The general public is registered under The Societies Registration Act, 1860 to turn into a legitimate element. A general public exists with the end goal of magnanimous exercises, for example, destitution help, expressions, training, religion, societies, and sports. The Governing body individuals are endowed with the administration of the issues of the general public. While, the General Body part’s obligations incorporate the appointment of overseeing body individuals, adjustment of rules and guidelines, name and objects, if essential. An outsider can likewise turn into a general public part in India. Society Registration is done through swarit Advisors.

Affidavit No. 1 regarding ownership and NOC for the registered office of the society
Affidavit No. 2 regarding persons not related to each other and the name of the society
ID Proofs of all the members
Address Proof of all the members
Electricity/ Water bill (Business Place)
Copy of Property papers (If owned property)
Landlord NOC (Format will be provided)

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Advantages for Society Registration
Society gains a status of a legal entity.
Sell, buy, rent as well as Right to lease are the facilities that can be availed by a Society.
A membership of a Society may change but it will continue to be a separate entity.
Income Tax exemption can be availed by a Society if a Society is incorporated.
In case of unlawful activities, the members are held to pay the debts as well as obligations.
In case of profit, if debts and obligations are incurred by members for the purpose of obtaining money, the members are liable to pay else members can’t be held liable.
Incorporated Society Registration in India is required to meet minimum requirements which are set by Incorporated Society Act 1908 which gives an assurance to members of the Society.
The bank accounts can be opened by Society.
Society gains recognition in front of Forums as well as Authorities.

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