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Procedure for Copyright Registration in India

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Copyright registration are often obtained by applying to the Copyright Office for registration of labor under copyright laws within the prescribed form along side the required fee. Copyright protection is given to fields like literary, dramatic and artistic works automatically on creation and it doesn’t require any formality. But, applying for copyright registration and obtaining certificate of registration is vital for starting of a business. 

Copyright registration are often obtained for both published and unpublished works. Hence, it’s recommended that copyright registration be obtained and during this article, we’ll see the method for copyright registration in India.

Procedure for Copyright Registration in India 1


Copyright registration must be made on “Form IV” along side the “Statement of Particulars and Statement of Further Particulars”.
Along with the appliance , three copies of published work should be sent.
If the work to be registered is unpublished, a replica of the manuscript has got to be sent along side the appliance for affixing the stamp of the Copyright Office in proof of the work having been registered.
In case two copies of the manuscript are sent, one copy of an equivalent duly stamped are going to be returned, while the opposite are going to be retained, as far as possible, within the Copyright Office for record and can be kept confidential.
Copyright application are often signed and submitted by the applicant or an Advocate in whose favour the facility of Attorney has been executed by the Applicant.

Essential documents required for copyright registration

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There are special requirements to Register Copyright Online in India, broadly the essential requirements are:

  • 3 copies of the work if the work is published;
  • If the work is not published, then 2 copies of manuscripts;
  • If the application is being filed by an attorney, then special power of attorney or vakalatnama signed by the attorney and the party;
  • Authorization in respect of work, if the work is not the work of the applicant;
  • Information regarding the title and language of the work;
  • Information regarding the name, address and nationality of the applicant;
  • Applicant must also provide his mobile number and email address;
  • If the applicant is not the author, a document containing the name, address and nationality of the author, and if the author is deceased, the date of his death;
  • If the work is to be used on a product, then a no-objection certificate from the trademark office is required;
  • If the applicant is other than the author, a no-objection certificate from the author is required. In this case, an authorization of the author may also be required;
  • If a person’s photo is appearing in the work, then a no-objection certificate from such person is required;
  • In case the publisher is not the applicant, a no-objection certificate from the publisher is required;
  • If the work is published, the year and address of first publication is also required;
  • Information regarding the year and country of subsequent publications;
  • In case of copyright is for software, then source code and object code are also required.
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