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Practical Tips to be Followed on Instagram to Get Popular

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Without getting too lost in words, let’s start with our tips and tricks to get you to follow on Instagram, if you put them in place, you will have a good chance of seeing your followers grow.

Publish frequently

You should post 2-3 photos a day, it’s the right amount not to be too intrusive but not too absent. Posting too much could have the opposite effect, while uploading only one photo per week could lead to a drop in attention.

Pay attention to quality

The photos you publish must be of quality, use effects and filters without being too repetitive, various angles and subjects.

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Try to keep the attention of followers alive by posting news, perhaps even creating unique effects, which differ from all other Instagram profiles.

The importance of hashtags and description

Hashtag and description are very important to attract the attention of followers and show your content to the public. Start with a short description of 3 lines, describing in an original way what you have posted, or by inserting a question to stimulate dialogue with users.

Hashtags are labels that allow you to reach posted photos and videos, they are used to categorize content. You don’t have to use invented or nonsense ones, look for the most popular and famous ones based on the topic covered in the shots, if you do not know which ones to choose we recommend reading the list of the best hashtags 2020.

The hashtags in English are particularly popular on Instagram, but should be used along with those in Italian. Remember not to exceed the limit of 30 hashtags for each photo.

Choose the publication time well

In reality, there is no specific time to publish, using English hashtags, for example, at whatever time the content could receive public.

If you only use hashtags in Italian, there are certainly times when there is greater traffic on the social network, that is, during breaks from work activities, so mid-morning, at lunch, mid-afternoon and in the evening after 19.

Interact with other Instagram users

Instagram is a social network and as such is based on the interaction between users, you can not only post and share your shots, but you will have to make sure to create relationships with other profiles with common interests. Try to add other people and comment on the content they post. This way you will get more visibility. Being involved with your followers is essential.

Take advantage of Instagram Stories

The Instagram Stories are the most used tool on the social network since it was launched, offering easy access to other users.

These are contents that remain published for 24 hours, but which can also be saved in your profile thanks to the Highlighted Stories section. You can use them to post important photos and videos, propose polls, ask questions, and more. You can use it to interact more with your followers and reach new ones.

Do live streams

Live streams are very useful for being followed on Instagram, especially if the videos show some types of content such as new places visited or interesting activities. Through live broadcasts, people can get in touch with you more easily, concerts better. You have to pay more attention to what you say and take care of everything in detail.

To launch a live on Instagram click on your profile photo and then on “Live” and finally on “Start a live video”. After concluding the live broadcast you can share it to make it visible for 24 hours, in this way even those who have not been able to see it will have the opportunity to follow it later, before it is completely eliminated.

Connect Instagram to other social networks

According to best seo expert Los Angeles it is possible to increase the visibility of photos and videos by connecting Instagram to other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, in this way, when you publish something it will be directly published on others as well.

Go to your profile and tap on Settings and then on Connected Accounts, here you can choose the other social networks on which to automatically publish all the photos and videos you share on Instagram.

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