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Plan Your Valentine’s Wedding Night with this 4 Sexy Lingerie

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Plan Your Valentine’s Wedding Night with this 4 Sexy Lingerie 1

Just as the new year has started, many of you are surely getting excited about the impending month of love. And along with that, many are probably planning for Valentine’s Day wedding too. Well, isn’t it special to get hitched on the day that unites lovers all around the world! Well, hell yeah! So, are you planning your wedding on Valentine’s Day too? If yes, have you thought about your wedding night?

You must have enjoyed some steamy under the sheet sessions with your partner already. Or maybe you have been saving it up for the wedding. No matter what it is, wedding nights are special and there will be hardly any night that will come close to the memories that you are going to create on the wedding night. So, surely you don’t want your spouse to forget how sexy and sensuous you are and how amazing it is to peel off each layer from your body and explore the land of passion uninhibitedly. For that, you need to get your hands on some sexy bridal lingerie. Take a look at the following must-have items and get inspired.

Garter Belt

This will be a sweet surprise for your husband. For a traditional wedding, untying the garter belt with teeth and tossing it to the bachelors is a known custom. However playful it might sound, while your husband is untying the garter with his teeth while the crowd watches and cheers, it is a moment filled with sexual tension. Now, you can make him relive this again on your wedding night. Surprise him with your garters when he starts languidly undress you. Urge him to untie it with his teeth and this time, let him take it from there.

Lace Babydoll

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Your bridal lingerie should be perfect to flaunt your feminine and playful side while making you look sexy. Now, if you are a plus size women, then don’t worry. Explore the collection of sexy lingerie for plus size women and you will surely find some stunning babydoll dress lingerie that will adorn your killer curves. While the plunging neckline will give him a glimpse of your divine cleavage, the elegant lace and the amazing fall of it will make you look gorgeous. And he will swoon over this look of yours on your wedding night.

T Back Chemise with G String

He has already seen you in your beautiful wedding gown and adored you for your stunning bridal looks. Now, let him see that inside this shy demure bride, a sex goddess lives and breathes. And when it is the right time, she reveals herself, donning her sultriest avatar. Set of the mood for him in the room. And just when he enters, starts removing his bowtie and takes a sip from the glass of wine, you come out in the T back lace chemise and G string set. Sensuous and elegant, this will leave only very little to his imagination. Now, tease him a bit which giving him peeks of your assets and makes him give in to your art of seduction.

Lace High Slit Night Gowns

Maybe you are still a shy bride who is ready for the night to be seduced but not yet open enough. Rather, you prefer good old fashioned undressing and foreplay before passion takes over. What lingerie will be suitable for you then? Invest in lace or sheer nightgown with high slits. The playful peak of a book will create the perfect elegant image of yours while your husband will become more and more excited for what is waiting next. This also you can find in any collection of lingerie for plus size women.

So, what are you waiting for? Set out for a shopping spree for Valentine’s Day wedding lingerie and celebrate your bond on the day of love.

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