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One day in the city of San Sebastián: exploring the island of Santa Clara and La Concha beach

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San Sebastian is a coastal city in Spain’s norther side, near France. It’s famous for the amazing gastronomy and for having one of the best beaches in Europe.

La Concha beach

Playa de la Concha is one of most famous places in San Sebastián. This beach surrounds all the city. The city has 1.350 metres in length and there is a promenade by the beach where you can walk and admire the sea views. The bay of San Sebastián has the shape of a bell, that is why it is called Playa de la Concha (shell in Spanish). The city of San Sebatián has spread towards this beach, located between two mountains, the Monte Urgull and the Monte Igueldo. This beach is considered as one of the best beaches in Europe by Tripadvisor.

 Walking around the promenade or in the beach is the best place to start your day in San Sebastián. You can notice that there is a splendid decorative architectural element that you will find along the promenade which are the streetlamps. San Sebastián has more than a hundred different streetlights. Without a doubt, the most beautiful are the modernist lampposts with vines located on the Paseo de la Concha next to the ramps that allow access to the beach.  The promenade and the streetlamps were designed by Juan Rafael Aldey at the end of the XX century.

Where to stay in San Sebastián

Visiting La Playa de la Concha and the Island of Santa Clara is a great plan to spend one day in San Sebastián. But we cannot forget that choosing a place where to stay during your trip is also particularly important. With San Sebastian Apartments you have the option to choose between different apartments located in different parts of the city. We recommend choosing an apartment in the Old Town or one with sea front views. Most of the apartments are located from some metres from the beach of La Concha. Ocean views apartments are located on the front o the beach and they offer luxurious facilities. 

These apartments are great to go on a holiday or short trip. They will really make you fell at home. San Sebastián Apartments gives great facilities and full equipped apartments and kitchen to their clients. You will really like life in San Sebastián. Experiencing life in San Sebastián is one of the great experiences you can get during your holidays!

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Santa Clara island

In the middle of the bay and just in front of the beach there is a small island called Isla de Santa Clara. This island appears in many postcards of the city and it is one of the most known places in San Sebastián.  This island has never been inhabited; however, it has a lighthouse called as “faro blanco”. The lighthouse was built in 1864 and it has a small church and a little beach. To access to the lighthouse, you must go up quite a few septs. After you have reached the top you can even see the popular sculpture of “Peine del Viento ” and the “Monte Igueldo”.

The island has some green and full of nature footpaths where you can walk, sit, and just admire the impressive views of the city of San Sebastián. There are places with tablets and sits where you can have your own picnic. The island also has a popular restaurant by the dock.  One tip to bear in mind is that the island beach is only accessible when there is low tide since the beach gets covered by the sea when there is high tide. This island is very popular in summertime.

The city is accessible by boat. Usually on the weeks is less crowded than during the weekends, where many people decide to expend the day on the island in family. You can get the boat tickets in Plaza de la Lasta, in the port of San Sebastián. Usually, the island is open to the public in summer from June to September. The prices are economic, and you can get a return ticket from 4 euros. There is also the opportunity to get a tour of thirty minutes around the bay of La Concha before getting to the island.  

San Sebastián Bay is considered as one of the most beautiful in Europe. If you like swimming around the Bay it is a great option, also doing some kayaking.

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