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Few Things You Need To Know About Online Food Delivery Business

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Have you ever wondered about the changing horizons or the boom of the food industry in the past half-decade? From traditional dine-out restaurants to dedicated online food delivery offerings from food-chains, to food trucks and the latest to join the bandwagon are — Aggregator food deliveries. Understanding this boom or bane from both the food businesses side to the foodies’ side is multi-faceted and an intricately interwoven nuance.

Understanding the minute details with a microscopic lens from the users’ side will clarify the fact that the plethora of options available is nowhere personalized or customized as per the users’ whims and fancies. The ordeal of choosing through preference is long and sometimes everlasting. Remember cuisine specific restaurants used to have loyalists for a reason, the users loved what they ate and hence they were there often. 

Few Things You Need To Know About Online Food Delivery Business 1

FOOD, after all, isn’t a one-time affair, its a matter of the tummy making it priority number “ONE” on the list of necessities in life. Also, a user puts in his trust and money hoping to be served well, this onus lies in the food business to value the fact and serve both in quality and quantity.

How the restaurants have been fooled by food aggregators

The greener grass on the other side that’s the restaurants have been made to believe that their existing kitchen can serve up more foodies all thanks to the delivery app’s creating more sales and thereby profits too. But in this open to all rat race, is the profit worthy enough to put out your loyalists out on display to all the options? The profit that seems to actually be recorded again is hit massively by commissions, penalties, and offers. 

For a minimal effective profit record, that also reaches in hand after a stipulated time — would all the time, effort and resources are worth it all in the long run? Effectively the delivery apps seem to enjoy the profits and perks, by providing a generalized platform. But is this the original sales pitch the delivery companies offered? Or did they state to help your business grow? At an aggregator, neither are the users happy nor the restaurant.

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Yumzy has built a platform that understands its users’ likes, dislikes, food eating habits, health conditions and taste patterns to suggest them with the food they might want to eat. It also spreads across details of health factors and portion size, quality/hygienic food from qualified restaurants, real-time restaurant comparison.

Few Feature Of An App For Ordering Food:

There are a lot of apps available out there when you are hungry and looking to order food online, out of them Yumzy stands out the best. Unlike other apps, in this competition, this app not only allows you to order food from different restaurants that are in your area but also allows you to see the prices of the same item offered from different restaurants, which particularly is a pretty neat feature when you want to order fast.

Few Things You Need To Know About Online Food Delivery Business 2

Personalized food suggestions

Yes, their suggestion app will give you personalized food suggestions based on your taste profiles. The number of times you will return to the app, the suggestions will be unique.

Smart Explore

Explore more by Diet Type, Health and Taste Preferences & much more.

Real-time Comparison

Get the restaurant comparison on the basis of ratings, price, friend suggestions, deliver time, offers, and much more.

With these apps, you’ll not only save money and your time but you’ll also eat healthily. These personalized recommendations might not be flashy but they’ve withstood the test of time.

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