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Nag Tibba Trek – a healthy journey

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Nag Tibba Trek is a healthy journey that offers a great attraction that resembles lavish verdant valleys, wide sandy areas, magnificent backwoods, and snow-capped mountains. For example, the pinnacles of Swargarohini, the Black Peaks and the Nag Tibba Bandar Poonch are visible so it is real happiness. For escalating fans, it’s a famous choice because it’s easy to direct and easy to switch. This tour is covered by thick, white layers in winter and Nagtibba is, therefore, a good choice for visitors who need less time and snow.

Nag Tibba Photo Story 

Nag Tibba is an ideal pardon for a weekend trip, one of the Himalayan journeys that can be taken three days from now. Best of all, without past travel experience, it can be done very well in any season. From the busy cities, Nag Tibba is walking through the wild and filling yourself with feelings you never had.

Anticipating doing Nag Tibba all alone? 

Nag Tibba Trek is a wonderful tour if you have to get up and start treks independently, to test your skills.

The Himalayas are probably the best practice for growing mountain inhabitants and adventurers. You are unbelievable in your skills during the journey. You do not just know how to do things in the mountains, you learn an extraordinary arrangement about cooperation and the restriction of your inner strength.

We should also arrange ourselves if you are willing to start without the help of a coordinated journey and if you have gained this exceptional ability.

Allow me to disclose first things to Nag Tibba, why not? 

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It’s a basic yet troublesome walk: presently my meaning could be a little clearer. While it’s not difficult to walk, the path doesn’t look well. Likewise, it will undoubtedly challenge you in some cases, even as a simple journey. The headquarters close to Nag Mandir is effectively open, albeit the way goes from that point across thick backwoods to the top. Possibly you should utilize GPS coordinates or possibly enlist a nearby manual to guarantee that you don’t lose yourself. 

Mountain sickness: The entire path is inside the timberline, so AMS is very low. Furthermore, at the highest point of Nag Tibba, you can just arrive at the greatest height of 3000 m, and even you don’t camp there. 

Close to the towns: there are towns around, so you can return around the same time regardless of the crisis. 

Nag Tibba-A Cocktail Of Different Terrains 

The principal segment of the trip is the simpler part from the town of Pantwari, a way difficult, a stones trail that gives you an elevated perspective on Pantwari and the adjoining towns. 

The second piece of the walk is a lofty way through timberland that leads into a lush green wild. 

The Nag Tibba Trek is the ideal method to begin and Tim. It has a tolerably steep way, just 5-6 km each day is ideal. The elevation isn’t a lot of a hindrance with the campground simply entering the high height at 8667ft and the culmination at 9917ft. This journey is especially useful for amateurs because of low height and low weakness hazards. As an accomplished traveler, I have messed with Nagtibba very throughout the previous three years and have been partaking effectively in troublesome trips. The harder the trip, the better the view and subsequently the experience I used to think. Yet, this was changed by Nagtibba Trek. 

Two courses to Nag Tibba, one from the town of Pantwari and one from the town of Antar are accessible. In Nag Mandir, the best campground for the endeavor at the Nag Tibba highest point, the two courses combine. In this manner, Nag Mandir is a lifesaver for anyone who needs to attempt Nag Tibba. I decided to stroll through the town course of Pantwari. This is a 6 km journey from the Nag Mandir expressway. At the outset, the street begins as a 2km steep way, with a moderate way with a perspective on the towns of Pantwari. 

This segment of the visit closes in the Goat Village, which is a significant leap forward since it additionally has a wellspring of consumable water. Everything appears to be simple until this piece of the journey. The following phase of the trip is a 2 km steep way, opening to a lovely glade through timberlands. The angle of the pitch is significantly higher yet in the end it worth the work to go into a stunning green open field. 

We began the last two km of the trip, which is principally the getting through the timberline with ideal climbing extends, following a brief stop where I chose to have the packed lunch. We’ll come to Nag Mandir at that point. The following day’s destinations, close to Nag Mandir are delightful glades sitting above Nag Tibba. We required almost four hours to finish the walk and it was difficult for us to do it due to every one of my things

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