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My First Night with Young Hot & Sexy Indian Bride

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Hello everyone! I’m Sammy writing a real wedding for you! I want to tell you how I spent my first night with a young Indian wife.

My First Night with Young Hot & Sexy Indian Bride 1

When I got married, the family gave birth late at night. My wife is by the wall. She looks lovely, her hair is covered in flowers and she smells very fragrant! The young Indian bride is very sexy. He is very shy. I kissed her on the forehead and pulled out her jewelry. As soon as she was naked, she was drunk! Now I don’t know what to do. I have no experience. I never had sex. But sometimes, with friends, they play young Indian ass and pussy. In pornography, men also grow up and women’s vaginas don’t rain! I’m afraid this will satisfy my wife or how long this type of woman can last.

Every time I masturbate, my penis is more sensitive so I don’t touch it. It’s really hard to decide if they can do something with my husband. Then we sat on the bed and shook our hand when we opened the jacket. It’s a really great experience. Her husband is very enthusiastic. My husband is 34 this year. None of us said anything. There is a feeling of anxiety, and I will worry about whether he will agree or disagree.

Then we lay on the bed, very close to each other. I gently touched her whole body. Is the shape of your vagina weird?

When I put my hand on her vagina she removed my hand. I don’t like it, so I don’t touch it anymore. Being the perfect Indian girl ready to fuck, her look is absolutely amazing. I touched my legs and thighs, but not my vagina. Then he slowly got up and asked her to show her giant cock: where should I put it? Then he took my hand, lifted me up and hit my penis. I can’t forget this experience. I painted my penis on her vagina, but her vagina is virgin! Narrower. Pain, but I slowly closed my eyes.

My First Night with Young Hot & Sexy Indian Bride 2
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Then I asked him: is he still ill?

My wife didn’t tell me anything, but she told me you were doing something and no one was hurting me. Don’t stop!

I slowly insert my penis in and out. My vagina is very tight and my fluid is draining. My penis is also a bit uncomfortable, as it was my first experience. After 2-3 minutes, I felt confused. But I can control everything! Then I thought about giving happiness. I threw my bra on my chest. The noses are very pink and very straight. I have a nose in my mouth, and I slowly started to suck.

My First Night with Young Hot & Sexy Indian Bride 3

I know their vaginas flow like rain. I was up to my waist and sat between my leg and skirt. Then, as soon as I touched my vagina, I immediately took her hand, but I would not give up. I touched the top of my vagina with my tongue and the moisture in my vagina made me angry. It’s a little salty. I left my dick in my vagina and started sewing myself, it didn’t disappoint. Then, after a few sessions, I went straight into my stomach.

This is a fun and beautiful moment! I love my first fucking night…..

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