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Top 5 Most Common Misconceptions When Buying Wheels & Tires

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Buying Wheels & Tires, especially in the car industry, have so many different options with offsets, sizing, tire size, etc. Hence is it is super easy to get in the wrong direction when you’re buying your first set of wheels.

Whether it’s for a business or personal use, here is a guide making sure you make the best decision to buy regular tyres or to buy truck tyres

Number 1:Buying Cheap Tires

The first mistake people make when buying wheels and tyres is that they go cheap on their tyre purchase.

Now there is a difference between people who go into buying wheels and tyres with a budget in mind, and people who spend all their money on wheels and then buy the cheapest tyres they could possibly find on some random online shop. Don’t be the latter!

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The reason you don’t want to do that is because tyres are the only thing that keeps your vehicle firmly on the ground, whether you’re making a quick trip, or going through the long highway road.

Number 2: Making Assumptions (Buying Wheels & Tires)

Secondly, a mistake that a lot of people make is that they assume the wheel they see in a picture are the wheels that they are actually going to get.

So, wheels can always be directional or unidirectional.If you take a look at certain wheels, they have a curvature to them thattwist a certain way when they’re on the road.

Some wheels aren’t going to look the same on the left side as they do on the right side. Usually speaking, cast wheels are always just going to have four of the same direction. That is if you look at both sides of the same car, they’re going to be spinning in different directions.

If you’re looking to avoid that, you are probably looking into getting something that’s either rotary forged or fully forged. As it costs more to actually pick those wheels up, they take the extra couple of steps to produce more molds. Hence, making you get the correct directional wheels for your car.

Number 3: Wrong Tire Size

Mistake number 3 is that a 235/50 tire is not going to be the same sidewall as 275/50 tire.

So, the 50 is the actual ratio of the overall width of the tire that you’re putting in your car. This number tells you the height of the tire, from the bead to the top of the tread. This is described as a percentage of the tire width.

This means that the fifty percent of a 235, is not the same as fifty percent of a 275. So, make sure that when you’re looking into doing fitments for your car,you’re using the right measurements to decide what you need to do. Hence, making sure that those wheels and tires are going to fit on to your vehicle.

Number 4: Design over Quality

One of the most commons mistakes people make is that they look at a design before they look at the quality. This is more important if you plan on using your wheels for an intended auto-cross or racing purpose. If you’re looking just to get a set of wheels that you can bash up on a drift day or for a daily driving purpose, this doesn’t really apply to you.

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But if you’re going to be doing intense work with these wheels like putting them through heat cycles, or high-stress environments, or HPD Driving, you are going to want to make sure that you know the quality of the wheel that you are buying.

Tip:Learn the differences between the type of wheels which include rotary forged, fully forged, multi-piece and cast wheels. This will help you determine what kind of wheels are right for you.

Number 5: Guessing on their fitments.

This is an absolute no-no. Make sure you do the right measurements for positive offset, negative offset, backspacing, bolt patterns, hub bore, etc.These are all the sorts of things that you need to know to make the right choice.

Rather than looking at pictures of cars with similar setups, it is better to get recommendations from real-life drivers around you.Make sure to do your research and ask suggestions from friends and family, who are good drivers. They can probably give you solid information that’s going to help you make your decision better.

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