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MOBILE APP DEVELOPERS always try to find a new way by which they can improve their designing skill. They wait for an opportunity to find reviews for their designed app which can help them in enhancing their skills. There is a good news for the mobile app developers that Google has launched the ‘App mention alerts’ for the users. It is a kind of alert and a tracking tool that can be used by the mobile app developers.

Google Alert

This is used to track and monitor the Google search results for any word that is entered as a query in the Google search engine. There is a tracking dashboard that comes along with Google Alert that you can use to track the responses that you have received for your developed app. It also gives you information regarding the App store description on which you had uploaded your app. Google Alert is also used in most of the Mobileapp development companies to monitor the progress of their MOBILE APP DEVELOPERS.

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 Marketing Google Alert

Google Alert was designed to provide information for the app codes to review the popularity of a mobile app. Later, it was decided to be used for the Google verticals (blogs, news) as was predicted that it will give better results. The decision found to be right and it was found that Google Alerts are used on a large scale. The marketing procedure is also easy as target users are easy to track. 

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Working of Google Alert

The benefits of Google Alert made the mobile app development companies to hire a mobile app developer to access it for improving their sales. Before that, it’s necessary to know the working of a Google Alert. You have sign up for the ‘app mention alerts’ then in the search box, type your app’s name sat any iPad app. A list with a similar name will appear on the screen, from there you can select the app you want to track and can also view the apps uploaded. You have to click on the follow button to track what your competitors have planned for a mobile app.

Mobile apps have become a unique way by which individuals live their lives. There are hardly any tasks that can’t be done by using a mobile app. All thanks to the mobile app developers who give life to their creativity! MOBILE APP DEVELOPERS i

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