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MIE Trak Pro – Quick RFQ Conversion to Sales Order with Product Configurator

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Accounting and finance departments are the backbones of any business. In the manufacturing industry, it all begins with the request for quotations and sales/purchase orders. After that comes work orders, but quick quotations are essential to quickly create the sales order and connect it to the accounting system using best ERP software. Manually, it could be a daunting task that will consume a lot of your time and resources. Also, there is no guarantee of data accuracy if you manage customer orders and finances using spreadsheets.

Now, you can free up your employees from repetitive tasks like manual data entries such as while creating sales orders so that they focus on more important tasks that will help generate more revenue. Thanks to manufacturing management software like MIE Trak Pro because of its centralized database that helps automate and streamline all aspects of business.

MIE Trak Pro – Quick RFQ Conversion to Sales Order with Product Configurator 1

Let’s see how MIE Trak Pro helps configure your end products accurately and quickly.

Accelerate Configure-to-Quote Process:
MIE Trak Pro with its fully-featured, modern product configurator component allows the discrete manufacturers to quickly create the quotes based on the RFQ (request for quotation) and then push it directly to the sales order which is automatically moved into the accounting system for further processing.

RFQ and sales order are one of the most essential elements of this module. Since the production and assembly line depends on the precise outset and creation of sales order, it’s important to generate it carefully using the product configurator. In this way, your production team will receive an accurate work order and hence build the exact product as per customer demand and expectations.

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No manufacturer can afford to forward a defective work order into production and here comes the need of a reliable product configurator like the one in MIE Trak Pro manufacturing ERP.

Quickly Convert RFQ to Sales Order:
With MIE Trak Pro’s product configurator, you can easily and quickly convert an RFQ into a sales quote which is then moved into sales order. It helps automate the whole process and therefore minimize the possibilities of errors that may be caused by human input. There is no point of return as soon as a sales order is proceeded for the production. So, the end products need to be configured based on client-provided specifications. Product configurator helps in developing predefined product description and setting up all necessary manufacturing rules for seamless and timely production.
This advanced, inbuilt module helps manufacturers and their employees save time and effort, all while making the order error-free. It, eventually, helps them reduce the WIP (work in process) because accurate sales order results in quality-assured, flawless production.

Prompt Responses to Customer Requests:
In addition to automating the build-to-order product manufacturing process through real-time generated sales and work orders, product configurator provides step-by-step guidelines with predefined options and pricing to configure end products. In this way, you can make smart and profitable quotations based on initially received RFQs and hence close the sales order faster and that’s also with an attractive profit margin.

The product configurator wizard of MIE Trak PRO automatically populates the information across the entire ERP system. It helps manufacturers immediately respond to client requests related to quotes and mid-order reconfiguration changes to their products.

Final Thoughts:
With MIE Trak Pro you can produce and sell customer-required products more efficiently because you can convert RFQs to sales order quickly and accurately that help kick start the production without delay. You can promptly address the client requests for quotes and configure the end products for increased sales and profits. To check our more services you can visit MIE Solutions.

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