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    Metro Station Queues- The Complete Management by Q-Manager

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    Increasing Fuel Costs these days are giving rise to more and more metro travel. People are giving priority to metros because of easy and time-saving transportation. And as a result of this, the queues are also increasing at these metro stations. Along with constructing new stations for the different routes, one thing that needs to be taken care of is the reduced queues.

    We, at Q-Manager provide you with the ways to reduce ever-increasing queues without even increasing the staff. The solutions are meant to increase the productivity while managing the passenger flow. The vast experience in the queue control and management has helped us found an array of products that are capable to organise even the busiest places and thus help people move fast in the queues.

    The queue posts from Q-Manager control and manage the flow, direct the people towards their destination and reduce staffing needs to the maximum extent possible.

    The various products available for this purpose include:

    Belt Posts – Usually suitable for entry points at the metro stations, the belt posts from Q-Manager helps in queued entries and exits without any pushes/jerks.

    Rope Posts – The Rope Posts can be used at the Main Gates for dividing certain areas or at the security checkpoints.

    Chain Posts– The chain posts can be used in metro parking to avoid irregular parking of vehicles.

    Double Belt Post- the double belt posts can be used at any place where you wish to restrict entries of kids or other naughty elements. The double belts avoid people ducking underneath the belts for unauthorized access.

    Stand Alone Unit – Authorities can use these stand-alone units to provide certain information or to direct the travellers through the signboards. One can also advertise through these stand-alone units at metro stations.

    Café Barriers – The Café Barriers can be used at eateries available at these Metro Stations. They help in sectioning the area and also attract customers towards it.

    Wall Mount Units – The wall mount units are same as that of any other queue posts. The only difference although is that they take much less space.

    Accessories – The various accessories related to queue management and control include Merchandising Bowls, Sign Holders, Wall Clips, floor stands etc.

    You can order any of the given products from and rest will flow on its own. The passengers will find their way with ease. The staff will be more organized and the customer flow will be faster than before. Contact today to know more!

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