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TYRE WEAR are one of the most important components of your vehicle which perform several functions such as providing grip for braking and acceleration, supporting vehicle load, maintaining steering and directional control, and acting as a shock absorber from road vibrations.

Like any other component of your vehicle, it is normal for the performance of your tyres to change and their tread depth to become shallower with usage. All tyres are different and undergo wear at different rates. While the best tyres in India or the best all weather tyreslast longer and provide a superior driving experience even in rough weather conditions, learning about the various reasons of tyrewear can help you to maximize the life of your tyres.

Some of the major causes of tyre wear include:

1.       Improper Inflation Pressure

An improperly inflated tyreis more prone to rapid and uneven wear. In such a scenario, maintaining proper inflation pressure on both front and rear end tyres, as recommended by the vehicle’s manufacturer, is extremely important for optimized distribution of vehicle load, braking, acceleration, and cornering forces in the tread. If the tyre is under or over inflated, the contact patch of the tyre tread is not optimized to perform all its functions effectively. This may lead to quick and irregular abrasion of different parts of the tyre tread. Therefore, it is important to check the pressure of your tyres, including the spare one, at least once a month or before you’re planning to go on a long trip or carry extra load.

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2.       Improper Wheel Alignment

Proper wheel alignment is the key to maximizing tyre life and improving the overall performance of your vehicle. Your wheels or tyres are said to be properly aligned when the angles of the tyres and their contact with the road is as per the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications in terms of parameters like caster, camber, and toe. Improper wheel alignment is one of the leading causes of uneven and premature tyre wear. Some of the common irregular tyre tread wear conditions due to improper tyre alignment include:

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Heel/Toe Tyre Wear

When one side of the tread blocks circumferentially wears faster than the other side, it is known as heel/toe tyre wear. Excessive positive or negative toe is the main cause of this type of wear and it usually occurs in the shoulder rib. 

Feather Edge Tyre Wear

This type of wear occurs when the tyre tread ribs are smoother or less worn on one side and sharper on the other side. Improper alignment settings like excessive caster and toe are the major causes of feather edge tyre wear.

One-sided Shoulder Tyre Wear

Excessive positive or negative camber often causes irregular tread wear wherein the inside or outside part of the tread suffers from more wear than the other ribs. This is known as one-sided shoulder tyre wear or camber wear.

Ensuring proper and timely maintenance will reduce the wear on the tyres and keep them in good shape for a longer time. However, it is important to use only the best tyres for Indian roads or the best all terrain tyresin order to enhance the safety, performance and handling of your vehicle.    -nexu�^{�R`’

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