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Leverage your E-commerce Business by launching your shopping app

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Hello Reader! Let me assure you that this blog on shopping app development will add cheer to your day. Kicking off, over the past few years, we have been drenched with e-commerce websites. No more visiting bustling shopping areas! With e-commerce apps, users can purchase their favorite products with crossed legs. Initially, you might doubt the competition that prevails in the e-commerce world. Yes, no business is free from competition. Every business can glide through the competition towards the top by rolling out unique offerings.

Let us get into detail about the key points to note down before launching your ecommerce business.

Tips to surpass your rivalries in the e-commerce marketplace

  • Examine your competitors

Before stepping into the e-commerce business, you must make a thorough analysis of your competitors. Identify their niche, strengths and weaknesses that will help you in framing your business. Never ever underestimate your rivalries! Other than examining their strengths/weaknesses, it is important to know the customer feedback.

  • Business model

Suppose you have made the competitor analysis. The next step is picking up a business model, which will mark your niche. Here are the different types of e-commerce businesses models.

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B2B – In the B2B business model, you will sell products to another business. For example, you may sell products to wholesalers or retailers. 

B2C – In the B2C business model, you will directly target the customers. Sellers will list their products, and customers will purchase them.

C2C – In the C2C business model, customers will be both the buyers and sellers. For example, reselling platforms like OLX, eBay will let users sell used products. Buyers will purchase those products based on auctions.

Therefore, picking a suitable business model is the second crucial step in setting up your business.

  • Different product lines

Attracting users is simple if you offer them a wide range of products. The more the number of product lines you include, the more will be the user attraction. Therefore consider partnering with different sellers so that you can list different products.

  • Lucid app

Your app is the front liner in attracting customers. No one will pay heed to an app that is complex to use. Your app’s usability is highly important. Users should not face any complexity while navigating through the app. 

  • Product promotion

Until we have been focussing on the app development and your services, now, it is high time to concentrate on product promotion. An app can be promoted in different ways according to your budget. Running paid ads on search engines is the best way to promote your app. Apart from that, promoting your app through social media is the cheapest yet effective way. You can stick with omnichannel marketing strategies where you will use different social media channels for promotion.

Pivotal features of your shopping app

  • Product categories

Let users directly bump into their desired products using the category section. Your app may have different categories of items. Every shopping app comes with a category section to simplify the searching process of users.

  • Search bars and advanced filters

Users can type the desired items on the search field, thereby reducing their searching process. Users can personalize their searching by applying various filters like brand, color, price, etc.,

  • Favourites

The shopping app has the favourites feature, where users can add their favourite items and proceed with purchasing at a later time.

  • Order history

Users will have the facility to view their previous purchases made through your app. Every detail, including the number of items, bill amount, discounts (if any), will be disclosed on the order history.

  • Multiple payment channels

Make it convenient for your customers to choose the payment mode. Integrating your app with different payment channels will be the best way to keep them engaged.

  • Coupons

No matter the range of products you offer or the quality of the product, users will pay heed to offers! Excite your users with offers or coupon codes more frequently.

  • In-app wallet

Here is the swift way to make the payments! Adding the in-app wallet will let users pay for their purchases easily.

  • Analytics

Analytics will help you in building your business. It will keep a check on user activities, thereby implying their interests. Based on the analytics report, you can optimize your business offerings.

Revenue channels in the e-commerce marketplace

  • Commission charges
  • Service charges
  • Advertising fees

Commission charges – If you are indulging in the multi-vendor marketplace e-commerce business, then you will get your share of commission fees from vendors/sellers.

Service charges – Service charges can be added to every order placed on your app.

Advertising fees – Advertisements and promotions will bring in additional revenue for your business.


As said earlier, every business is competitive in its own way. The key to attain supremacy is unique and quality offerings. All the best!

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