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Learning a Second Language as a Student

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Being able to speak a language is often overlooked because it comes naturally to most people. A person who can speak multiple languages have lots of benefits that general population does not even have any idea of. Studies have been done and they are still being done, which claim that young children are the fastest learners and can learn them faster than an average adult. School is a dedicated place for learning and even languages can be learned too. There are some benefits and a few limitations. Benefits are:

Environment: A place where most people come to perform similar tasks, help create an environment that is based on it. It could be work related, schools, colleges, universities. School is a place where students come to study and when they observe each student in uniform, it helps to boost the environment even more. Schools can dedicate time for learning languages by organizing workshops and lectures on regular basis. The thing that they have to keep in mind is that they must hire professional language teachers or the native of the particular language they are trying to teach.

Boost in Brain Power: It is a known fact that multilingual people have better brain functioning. Learning a language helps to improve cognitive and problem-solving abilities. Most people must be aware about the benefits of problem-solving. It is required in almost all areas of life because it significantly improves a person’s life and makes it easier. Regular tasks become easier for them and most problems do not even intimidate them.

Better Memory: When a person learns a language, they have to memorize certain terms, grammar for future reference. Better memory improves the overall brain efficiency and makes it easier to remember names, facts, directions and many other things. A person who is forgetful always has to depend upon technology. Many people have bad memory because they depend too much on mobile phones to save their important details. Language learning can create a balance between technology use and efficient brain use.

Multi-Tasking: Most people wish they could perform multiple tasks at the same time. Doing it saves time and increases efficiency. Imagine when a person is given multiple tasks to perform and their brain is not developed in such way that it can perform all those tasks efficiently at same time. An example that would help to better understand the role of language in multi-tasking is when a person learns a certain phrase or sound and then they convert it to their native language for the brain to comprehend it. More than one task is performed at that time which trains the brain by creating new neuro path between the brain cells.

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Better Listening: Language experts claim that in order to learn a language, listening is an aspect that should not be ignored. The way babies learn is language is by listening. There are two parts of the brain- conscious and sub-conscious. All the listening that a person does goes straight to their conscious mind and if they regularly listen to a particular thing, it goes into their sub-conscious brain. Sub-conscious brain stores the long-term memory which means that anything that is present in it stays with the person for their whole life.

Improved Confidence: Babies learn language by repetition. Students and adults can do the same but they set their own limits by not doing certain things in public. A baby does not care about other people’s opinion and says anything and everything. When a person grows up, they hesitate in doing so and limit their abilities. Learning a language helps overcome this hesitation and helps people to become more confident.

Networking: It helps to build better networks because a person can communicate with another person from a different country. Someone rightly said, “When you talk with a person in a common language, it goes to their brain, but if you talk in their native language, it goes straight to their heart”. That indeed is true because people tend to appreciate other people when they try to do something for them and learning another language is no easy task. People in Melbourne can be benefitted from Assignment Help Melbourne because it’s a platform for many writers from all around the world. It can offer students a chance to interact with people from other cultures.

Respect other cultures: Usually when a person stays in a specific country with only that country’s people, they tend to forget that there are other cultures around the world who have completely different practices and people. A person doesn’t just learn another language, they learn another culture. Respect for other people is necessary because of globalization. People from one country visit other countries and if they do not find respectful people, they would go back to their countries and paint every person with the same brush. If these things increase, people would start more conflicts which is bad for world peace.

Limitations of learning another language are:

Compromise other work: It is good that people give time to learn a language. But it can become a problem if they dedicate a lot of time to it and start neglecting other subjects. Students get assignments which are important to understand certain concepts taught in classes. But they can take help from Assignment Help Sydney to focus completely on learning a language.

Ignorance: For most people, learning a language is limited to speaking words and understanding basic phrases. They tend to be ignorant of the fact that certain aspects can be sensitive for other cultures and they must not mention it unnecessarily or it might offend the people from that country.

• Cost: Language learning is not cheap. Hiring native people of the target country is difficult and can cost more than normal teachers. Not every person can afford hiring them and for a student in school, they might have to pay more fees to the school. Many parents might disagree with it because schools already cost a lot and they don’t want to pay more.

The benefits easily outweigh the limitations but it’s a person’s choice to learn a language and they cannot be forced to do so. If a person has interest in it, they would find reasons to learn it and if they cannot hire experts, they can start learning on their own as long as they have a desire to learn.

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