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Learn why a cheap animated video for business is bad for you

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An animated video for business is first and foremost an extensive marketing tool. Hence, when we say cheap, we don’t necessarily mean low-quality visuals and poor animation. It also means sending a wrong message without triggers and low-quality marketing communication. Let’s learn why a cheap animated video for business is bad for you.

Nothing of value comes at a low price

There are several online video makers and template-based videos that promise that you’ll get your animated video for as less as 50 dollars. To be honest, it isn’t possible to get something of video-production value at a price as low as that. Let’s say you do use a video template for the production. What happens to the story, main message and concept? All of them together, help your brand connect with the right audience. If you’re planning to handle all of that by yourself, you can be in for a major marketing and branding disaster.

Why is an animated explainer video so expensive?

People tend to think that by pushing a few buttons and punching certain numbers, an animated  video for business is created instantly. In reality, an animated video is a major project that requires anywhere from 6-10 people. There is a project manager, marketer, creative director, scriptwriter, storyboard artist, animator, a voice-over artist, sound designer and editor involved. All these minds come and put their brain together to deliver your project which will cost you anywhere from 2500 to 3500 dollars for a minute-long video.

What to do if I have a small budget?

Everything depends on what your objectives are. For example, if you need an explainer video for your YouTube channel then you can simply use a screen recorder and demonstrate the product benefits. For this, you need a strong plan and script. If you’re unsure about how to go with this, hire the services of an animation agency or else a bad video has the potential to hurt your business in the long run. A screencast video is much cheaper than a motion graphics or whiteboard animation video. 

How much will I save if I do some parts of the video by myself?

If you’re not a video producer by nature then you will have to hire a video editor who can edit your video, add graphics and text to video animation to it. You’ll have to spend somewhere around 1000 dollars on a freelancer to do all these things with perfection plus devote quite a bit of your own time. It’s better if you channelize all that energy into your business and allow video professionals and animators to do what they do best.

Why B2B companies use animation videos for business to make concepts simpler

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The vast number of benefits of animation videos have been established firmly in the past few years. It’s favourable in almost every industry and people have been using it to establish themselves and their businesses. However, knowing that one must use video content doesn’t help you figure out how you must use it. Animated Explainer videos are everywhere and having so many creative choices, makes it harder to analyse and choose your pick. For B2B companies, the trick is to use animation video content to provide clarity and understanding. Let’s learn how you can do this.

Breaking down the complexity

The B2C world is all about mass production. The relationship between sellers and buyers is simple. Think about buying items from an online distribution shop like Amazon. If you have questions about any generic items you can clear it up with the help of search engines. There’s very little responsibility for the distribution giant. However, B2B professional relationships are nuanced, long-lasting and complicated. Most of the services provided are very likely to have custom elements arranged specifically for the clients, which is why when they have questions about the elements they can’t look it up on a search engine. They must turn to a supplier for all answers and the best way in which it can only be provided is through a detailed animated explainer video which can articulate the problems the customer might or will face.

Informative content

The most natural step for B2B companies is to produce a wide range of informative content on their offerings and through animated videos they can make separate videos adhering to the specific requirements of the customers. The best B2B business organizations offer their customers a wide range of online educational resources that inform their clients about their products and services. Animated explainer videos are engaging and instead of spending too much time on blogs, content section and other written resources, you can invest in quality animated videos. In the world of B2B educating customers is a major part of online and e-commerce offering.

But why choose an animated video for business to explain a product/service?

There’s a lot of value in an informative blog post or article but a video is something different. It provides a very superior procedural and visual experience for the customer. For example, if you tried assembling a do-it-yourself piece of furniture  and couldn’t understand some of the diagrams in the user manual, what are you supposed to do? It’s a very difficult task to resolve issues in a published guide because text cannot explain everything. With an explainer video in front of you, you can simply copy the assembly process. If you couldn’t understand something in the first go, you can simply go back and watch it again.

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