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Law Offices of Dr Bruce. G Fagel & Associates – Why Medical Malpractice is Complex

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Thankfully there are not too many cases of medical malpractice in the USA, but there are still more than we would like to see. The biggest issue with this particular branch of law is the complexity of it, and the fact that not enough people come forward when they suspect that foul play has taken place. There are many highly talented lawyers who are working in this area of the law, particularly those working at the law offices of Dr Bruce. G Fagel & Associates. Even these high quality lawyers however still understand how difficult and tricky this area of the law is, and how hard it is to prove guilt in such a case.

Mistakes Are Made

Doctors, nurses and surgeons are incredible professionals with huge amounts of knowledge and skill. With this being said however there is still so much that we don’t know about the human body, and that can impact how we treat patients. In many cases there are multiple treatment options available depending on the patient’s situation, and decisions are made based on the probability of success. The notion that a mistake which is made or a decision which turns out not to work being a mistake, doesn’t constitute medical malpractice. Sadly however we do see a lot of patients who come forth with such claims, in spite of the fact that the hospital will have done heir absolute best for the patient.

Cut and Dry

There are some instances of course whereby this is a very simple case to bring. For example if we have seen that an instrument has been left inside the body following a procedure, there is little by way of defense on the part of the surgical team who carried out the operation. These are certainly the easiest cases for the legal professionals.

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Consequences of Guilt

 Another crucial aspect of this kind of case is just how severe the consequences are if someone is found guilty of medical malpractice. If they are guilty then they should of course face tough consequences, but in a case where someone is innocent, and found guilty, they could lose the license that they have worked for many years to earn. This is why lawyers have to be absolutely certain that the case they are bringing forward has merit, and that there is reason to suspect guilt on the part of the defendant.

Identifying Cause

Even in the case of medical malpractice which does have merit, we have to consider the number of people who are involved in surgeries and medical treatment. At times it can be tough to identify who is to blame for a particular incident and that too makes it tough to find out where the guilty party is. This again adds a layer of complexity to any medical malpractice lawsuit.

There is no doubt that one of these cases is incredibly detailed and challenging for legal professionals.

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