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Latest Travel trends of India and Tips You Can Use While Travelling

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Travelling gives the come-on to life. As a traveller, you catch a glimpse of different cultures, cuisines and lifestyles. And what’s the turn up for the books is majority of travellers’ pop out India for the adventurous tours it’s renowned for.

If you are feeling a bit under the weather and packing your bag to visit India this year, then believe me or not, you are going to dive in new world of experience. Although it is ideal to travel with minimum luggage, but still if you are travelling to India with a lot of baggage, you can avoid paying extra charges by using excess baggage service to India of a cargo company ahead of your flight.

Check out the latest trends with fine tooth comb and don’t forget to share which is the one you dream of. Following are some travelling trends of 2018 you shouldn’t miss out on.

Trends on the rise in 2018 if you are travelling to India

The travelling today has been changed quite a lot as compared to the travelling earlier. Trends changes with the pages of calendar. This year, following are the latest travelling trends of 2018 for backpackers in India:

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Solo tours

Solo tour, Boom! There has been a quantum leap in the digits of travellers backpacking India alone over the last few years. The benefits of travelling solo in India are more than you can shake a stick at. There’s a bunch of things you might like doing such as learning yoga, trekking through the Thar Desert on camel, staying in medication ashrams, taking in the pristine pure view of Taj Mahal, touring through the jungles and so on. I mean, the amazing sights in India will blow your mind completely, surely.

Some backpackers think themselves not safe while making a tour to India alone. Well, the truth hurts, Can you leave insurance out of this? On that account, you must buy the travel insurance before heading to India (No ifs, ands, or buts in case you are a female solo traveller).

Be that as it may, you must be extra aware of your surroundings if you are a woman travelling alone in India. Many hotels are putting their back into enhanced facilities for solo travellers and the travelling companies in India are hoping this could increase the business massively. Without a doubt, solo travel is on the top of the travel trends 2018.

Cultural tours

And every man jack get a bang out of watching different cultures, traditions, places and different ways how people live. Culture with deep pockets, I think this could define India more than any other word. Being one of the world’s oldest civilization, India is the place where you can catch sight of contrasting traditions and architect under one roof. People of India are always known for the hospitality they give in. There’s an army of unique rituals, famous local festivals and traditions in India. Indian heritage is not just restricted to ancient Aryan or Dravidian styled traditions but you can discover a gradient of British, Mughal, Dutch, Tribal and Tibetan culture out there. This year, cultural tours are going to drag a massive number of travellers to India.

Culinary tours

Every place doesn’t give an opportunity to taste incredible food. For all that, India on the other hand, stand out from the crowd for the terrific cuisines. Just right in the block hole. The majority of travellers plan the tour keeping a close eye on the local food they are about to give a hand on. Gourmet travellers always pin their hopes to connect with the local flavours and history of the cuisines of specific culture. And if you are the one backpacking India to taste food, mouth-watering set of cuisines is waiting for you to soak in. Culinary tours are increasing rapidly as people visit a spice-packed world while they make a tour. Gone are the days when backpackers wished only for expensive dining, 2018 is the turn for genuine food experience. And for that, India have had been in lime light from centuries.

Adventurous tours

We are all Philomath, surely. And huge number of people backpack to hero worship nature. People travel due to the hunger they have for adventure. Adventure is the single thing you will be a proud possessor of while exploring India, just right there, bang on! The towering majority of people pick India for a mad tour with friends. And alike before, this trend is on the rise this summer as well.


Combining a business trip with leisure, it’s becoming the hot trend in the year 2018. These days organizations are focusing on arranging trips where the employees work with leisure. This trend is the boost in travelling world. Just think of checking out new mails while laying on Goa beach, isn’t it mesmerizing? Unequivocally it is. Bleisure is a great way for hoteliers and travelling companies to get the best out of it and generate voluminous revenue. There has been an increase in the Bleisure tourism from the last 7 months and you can make the argument that 2018 is undoubtedly the year for Business trip with leisure.

Experiential tours

The depth of experience and the closeness to the ways locals live, that’s what an experiential trip is all about. Experiential tours are just around the corners this year just like the last one. With so many travelling companies in India offering experiential tours around the country. There is great number of experiential travel companies popping up around the globe and India too has its lion’s share. So, experiential tours are on trending in 2018.


Voluntarism is the trend that’s going to rule the travel trends list this year. And what other place than India is famous for voluntarism. Backpackers are looking forward to participate in Volunteer activities this year. Imagine staying with a local family in India, go on. You will be following their life styles, eating true blue cuisines right away, learning their language and much more. That’s truly inspiring, isn’t it? A volunteer tour will open your heart and mind to see the culture and traditions of India more deeply. That’s what this trend is in the hot news in the running year.


Glamping industry is growing vigorously and 2018 sees the rise in the glamping tours. Glamping in India has earned a special place in today’s adventure world. It is pretty much popular among newlywed and romantic couples and that puts this trend off the mark. There is a massive range of glamping destinations you can choose from including Ladakh, Rajasthan, Himanchal Pardesh and much more.

India, blessed as it is, offers a right set of circumstances for glamping. In the thick of the forest and against snow-capped mountains, the travellers come in for glamping in the most picturesque surroundings in all sorts of luxury tents in India.

Don’t forget to share the most favourite travelling style of yours. Don’t wait and give yourself a go right away.

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