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Lack of Intimacy: How to Deal with a Sexless Marriage

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Description: Are you undergoing a sexual rut in your marriage? While this is normal, you should find ways to regain intimacy to save your sexual life and marriage at large. This goes beyond visits to sex therapies. 

Relationship problems

Marriage and any other working relationship go beyond friendship. It requires aggressive physical intimacy, which some couples find it fading over time. If you are experiencing intimacy issues in your marriage, even finding the best sex toys from various sex toys reviews available may not be sufficient. Below are some best ways to deal with a sexless marriage. 


Most partners visiting marriage coaches and sex therapists with relationship issues have one question: can a marriage survive without intimacy? A marriage without intimate sex can survive, but only if there is clear communication between the partners. The main problem in marriages is fear of intimacy topics.

To save such a marriage, you should take a bold step and raise the issue. Ask your partner if they are happy or satisfied with the frequency of your intimacy. Verbal communication makes it easy to evoke various reasons that initially led to the fear of intimacy. According to marriage counselors, eroded intimacy causes serious issues such as infidelity to simple problems such as misunderstandings and stress at home or work. 

Lack of communication
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Re-Date Each Other to Build Intimacy 

With sufficient communication, you should solve any issues and get beyond the fear of intimacy. To build your relationship, consider all available options, including scheduling specific times for sex. While this may sound a little unromantic, it is exciting if done correctly. Scheduling for periods of emotional intimacy enables you to develop some eagerness towards sex and commitment to your partner. 

That aside, consider exploring alternative ways to get closer to your partner. Physical intimacy may not solve relationship issues, but rekindling your love and regaining your original spark can help. For this, spend more time together either cuddling as you watch movies, schedule alone vacation, date nights, and more. 

Romantic date

Seek Professional Help 

Sex therapies can also come in handy in helping you regain intimate sex with your partner. While this significantly depends on the initial cause of fear of sex, marriage retreats, relationship seminars, and related workshops can help. 

If there was an underlying condition, consult a physician as a couple, and discuss your relationship issues. Mental health professionals can help address communication issues, learn how to cope with stress, and help you understand how mental health affects intimacy. Ensure that you implement the advice or recommendations given by professionals. 

Happy couple

Lack of intimacy is a serious problem that can take a toll on your marriage. And while you can still save your marriage, fear of intimacy can lead to a lack of mutual connection, resentments, and infidelity. In most cases, sexless marriages survive as partners convince themselves that it is a normal occurrence. You shouldn’t fall into this trap. If you are experiencing a sexless marriage, you should work on various ways to restore your intimacy normalcy. For those who have experienced this before, share your ideas on what enabled you to regain intimacy in the comments section below. 

Author’s Bio

Alice Jones is a certified sexologist and psychologist. Through online sessions she helps couples to deal with the issues they are facing in their relationship and sexual life. In her freetime she enjoys writing and spending time with her family.

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