KUMARA PARVATHA TREK is located in the Western Ghats and is the highest peak in the Coorg district of Karnataka. The trekking trail, also known as the Pushpagiri trek, is extremely popular here among both beginners and experienced trekkers the adventure will take you through a land of dense forests, rock climbing on huge volcanic rocks and you will encounter some strange and You will encounter flora and fauna. Only seen in tropical hills. Some parts of the trail are quite rough and difficult for even experienced trekkers to cross. People from South India often come here to enjoy the trek. The trekking trail takes the trekker through the Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary, so you get the double pleasure of spending a trek along with a jungle vacation. The trek is situated at an altitude of 1712 metres. The total trek time is around 8 to 10 hours and the distance of the Kumara Parvatha trek is around 13 km. The difficulty level for the trek ranges from moderate to difficult.


Although the Kumara Parvatha trek can be done anytime, the best time to visit is from October to January and June to September. Summers in South India are extremely hot and humid and you will not experience the beautiful greenery around. Moisture will also sap your energy. On the other hand, winters are quite pleasant and when you start early, you will see the hill covered with dreamy mist and fog. Even the monsoons are a great time to trek as the hills turn green again and flowers bloom along the way, with bees and butterflies coming out to welcome you KUMARA PARVATHA TREK.

How To Reach 


For those travelling from Coorg, the best option is to take a cab to Kukke Sabbramanya or Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary. If you are coming from Bangalore then take a cab or bus. It will be an overnight journey. From Coorg, it takes around 2 to 3 hours to reach the starting point of the trek at Kukke Temple KUMARA PARVATHA TREK.


If you are taking a flight then you have to land at Mangalore airport which is around 150 km from the starting point. You have to take a cab from the airport KUMARA PARVATHA TREK.


The stations of Mysore and Hassan are the nearest ones. You can also reach Hubli. To reach there, take Karwar Express or Bangalore-Mysore Express KUMARA PARVATHA TREK.


The trek starts a short distance away from Kukke Subramaniam Temple and is easy to find because of the signboard. For the first few kilometres, the trek is quite moderate and you will continuously climb through dense forests which will take you to the grasslands. The climb up to this part is great and you will enjoy nature as you have never seen before. Take rest for some time at Bhatt’s house and then proceed a few kilometres. To camp overnight, you must take a permit from the forest department here, otherwise, you will not be allowed. Camp overnight under the stars and admire the beauty of the open sky Next day, the trek will start early in the morning and it will take you to Kallu Mandap which is situated on the bank of a stream KUMARA PARVATHA TREK. 

From here you have to go to the rest of the mountain which is the most difficult part of the trek. Here the trek first goes down to clear for a while and from there you have to climb the hill again which will take you. through steep and high boulders. From there you will go through a rocky stretch, which will take you to the meadows and from there to the summit. You will see a splendid view of the Madikeri from here. After a stop at the summit, you can get down the same route and it will take around 3 hours to reach the forest office and a few more hours to reach the base. You can stay overnight at Kukke Subramaniam and stay in Coorg for an extended vacation KUMARA PARVATHA TREK.


A round trip cab from Coorg to Kukke Subramanya would cost around Rs 3600 and a three-day round trip from Bangalore to Kukke would cost around Rs 8000 to 9000. The bus fare from Coorg to Kukke Subramanya is around INR 100 and the bus from Bangalore is INR 600. The cost of food in Bhatt’s house would be around Rs 150 to 200 per person. For overnight camping in Battare Mane, a fee of Rs 200 has to be paid at the forest house. There are also a lot of homestays and you can opt for a guide and food through a package which is only INR 1300 per person. There are many budget hotels in Kukke Subramanya and they are always in demand by trekkers and pilgrims the prices start from INR 800 to INR 1500 per night KUMARA PARVATHA TREK.


You will find many options for dining in Battare Mane and it is recommended that you feed yourself here as there are no cafes or lodges. Thereafter, the trek providers will provide breakfast and lunch on the route itself. Once you reach Kukke Subramanya, several hotels serve authentic Carnatic food. You can opt for Neo Mysore Café and Vijay Vihar.

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